Wax vs Flower: Which one is Better For Your & Gets You Higher

Wax vs Flower

Over half of America has legalized medicinal marijuana (with eight states plus the District of Columbia legalizing recreational use). While smoking the flower is still the most widely known way to enjoy cannabis, it’s not the only one. As the number of people who use marijuana continues to increase, lesser-known methods of using cannabis have grown in popularity. Most notably, … Read more

The Best Dab Pen for Wax Makes it Too Easy to Enjoy Concentrates

Best Dab Pen for Wax

Today, technology has transformed the world in so many ways, and these advancements have trickled down to impact cannabis lovers positively. You can say goodbye to the traditional way of rolling joints and say hello to the new age. Enter the best dab pen for wax. With its legalization, you can now purchase a dab pen—an affordable and … Read more