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The Best Weed Stash Box in 2019

While marijuana legalization is gaining traction in the United States, it is still federally illegal to possess. That’s why stashing your cannabis conspicuously could be just as important as not getting busted buying it on the streets. In most states, you need to keep your cannabis secure. That is why having the perfect weed stash box is so […]

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The Best Hemp Wick for Smoking: Get More Out of Your Cannabis With Natural Wicks

Tasting butane when you should be tasting a fresh, green hit sucks. There’s a reason hemp wicks are considered the best replacement for traditional butane lighters—they make your weed taste better. And though hemp plant products have been around for centuries, hemp wicks have only just become popular fairly recently. Keep reading to learn why you should use […]

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The Best Air Purifier for Smoking Weed Odor

Ah, the scent of marijuana. Weed has an unmistakable scent. As a smoker, who doesn’t love walking by a smoke session and catching a waft of delicious herb? However, that same glorious scent can linger around your house for awhile! So, if you’re looking to get that sweet smell out of your smoking quarters, you need to invest in […]

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How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System?

How long does marijuana stay in your system? Usually, when you’re trying to figure this out, it’s already too late. Generally, you’re being tested for marijuana, it’s by your employer. Some jobs run routine tests and others just one test before you’re hired—these you can plan around. But you can also come across situations where you’ll be randomly tested […]

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