The Best Clear Eyes for Weed: Eye Drops for When You’re High

Best Clear Eyes for Weed

Nothing blows up a smoker’s spot worse than having blood-red eyes. That’s what makes eye drops such a handy sidekick for any smoker. Most eye drops conveniently fit in your pocket and do the trick in a minute. As the great Ben Stein once said, “For dry, red eyes, Clear Eyes is awesome.” Well, some eye drops out there … Read more

The Best Incense Sticks Reviews for Smoking Cannabis

Best Incense Sticks

There is nothing as sensually stimulating as a burning stick of incense. When done right, incense sets the mood of its surrounding environment. In fact, the type of incense you choose to burn can say quite a bit about your personality. Are you spicy and firey? Or earthy and low key? Set the scentscape in your room with only … Read more

Best Jobs for Stoners 2019: Jobs For Stoners with College Degrees

Best Jobs for Stoners

The longstanding stereotype of the unemployed, unmotivated stoner is dying a rapid death. With everyone coming out of the proverbial stoner closet, cannabis enthusiasts are popping up all over the workforce. Hey, something has to pay for their—at-times—expensive hobby. After all, cannabis doesn’t grow on trees. Okay, maybe it does…but money doesn’t. But what we all really want is a … Read more

The Best Hemp Wraps Reviews in 2019

Best Hemp Wraps

There are many ways to roll up your weed, but one of the best options if using hemp wraps. Wapping cannabis up in hemp might seem like a weed-on-weed crime. However, it’s one of the healthiest ways to consume cannabis. Not to mention hemp contains beneficial cannabinoids as well. With the marijuana industry growing by leaps and bounds, consequently, … Read more

The Best Joint Roller: Top 10 Rolling Machines Reviewed [2019]

Best Joint Roller

If you haven’t learned how to roll joints yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t burn one down. You just have to go about it in a different way. You need the best joint roller, if you want to smoke joints that aren’t crap. We’ve all smoked terribly rolled joints, and nobody wants that. Today, I’ll show you why you … Read more

The Best Cannabis Strains Reviewed for 2019

Best Cannabis Strains

Just like there are millions of stars in our solar system, the growing demand for cannabis has lead to the development of countless cannabis strains. Entering into any dispensary today is like walking into a cannabis candy store. Everything from heavy THC strains, to strictly CBD variations, to hybrids. There is a perfect strain out there for everyone. The … Read more

The Best at Home Drug Test for THC: Most Accurate Drug Tests 2019

Best at Home Drug Test for THC

Before bringing an employee on full-time, numerous companies require a drug test.Even in states where marijuana is legal, there is no protection for law-abiding pot smokers looking to get a job.Furthermore, many employees can get drug tested at any time during their tenure with a company.Just some reasonable suspicion from higher-ups and you can be … Read more