Weed Measurements and Prices: Know What to Expect from Your Dispensary

Weed Measurements

Thankfully, weed measurements aren’t all that complicated. Once you get a handle on the basic terminology, the rest will come naturally. No more looking confused at the dispensary counter when they ask you how much you want. You’ll know exactly how much, and how long it will last. Considering the entire industry relies on the same measurements, you’ll be … Read more

How to Read Third-Party Cannabis Lab Reports

Don’t Get Scammed with Weak, Toxic Cannabis. The cannabis industry is in the process of exploding, but are all cannabis products the same? This article reveals how you can use third-party lab reports to avoid being scammed. According to a new report by Grand View Research, globally legal marijuana sales is expected to gain massive … Read more

What is a Nectar Collector?

The concentrate market is only getting hotter, and more people than ever are getting interested in dabbing.   The problem is, learning to dab can be daunting.   Once people get past the somewhat scary idea of using a torch, the next concern is often dosing.   Standard dab rigs with nails or bangers can … Read more

Sploofy Vs Smoke Buddy: Who Hides the Smell Better?

Sploofy Vs Smoke Buddy

The cannabis community is quite the thrifty bunch.   From water bottles to apples to PVC pipes, we’ve found countless ways to smoke weed.   Through this evolution of marijuana consumption, the cannabis world has given birth to two awesome smoking accessories.   They are the Sploofy and the Smoke Buddy.   These two companion … Read more

The Best Clear Rolling Papers

Best Clear Rolling Papers

If there’s one thing about the human race, we’re a curious bunch.   We like to see how everything works and experience everything as up-close-and-personally as possible.   This sort of wonder has bled over to the marijuana industry and led to a growth in the popularity of clear rolling papers.   Gone are the … Read more