The Best Bubble Hash Machine for Sale in 2019

Best Bubble Hash Machine

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Or hash? So, together, who on earth wouldn’t show some love for bubble hash? With its high potency and solvent-free means of extraction, bubble hash is the easiest hash to make with the best return on investment. More THC and more flavor? While easy, making bubble hash can be a bit labor intensive. Thankfully, bubble hash machines have made … Read more

The Best Drink for Cottonmouth After Smoking

Best Drink for Cottonmouth

Smoking weed doesn’t come with any horrendous side effects. However, cottonmouth sure is a pesky one. Why do we get such a nasty case of cottonmouth after sparking up? To learn the answer to that as well as how to prevent cotton mouth after smoking, read on. I’ll help you pick out the best drink for cottonmouth.What is Cottonmouth?Besides … Read more

The Best Peanut Butter for Firecrackers

Best Peanut Butter for Firecrackers

Always want to try your hand at edibles but a little worried about screwing it up? Then break your edible cherry by making firecrackers. Firecrackers are perhaps the easiest edible to make. These treats are like s’mores meets grilled cheese meets peanut butter and jelly. Except instead of jelly, it’s weed. So, let’s go over how to make firecrackers and … Read more

The Best Boveda for Weed for Dry Weed

Best Boveda for Weed

Nobody likes dried up bud that barely gets you blazed. Just like when your car depreciates the minute it leaves the lot, cannabis loses its potency as soon as you open the baggy. Thankfully, Boveda packs have changed the cannabis storage game. These unique packets help maintain potent-smelling cannabis buds chock full of cannabinoids and fresh with flavor. Let’s … Read more

Best Way to Get THC Out of Your System for a Drug Test

Best Way to Get THC Out of Your System

One of the most interesting characteristics of THC is how long it stays in your body. Other drugs, which are substantially more addictive and dangerous than weed, dissipate within on a few days. THC lingers on for weeks, sometimes months, despite its natural composition and gentle effects. Because of this long-term evidence, you might be wondering, “what is … Read more

The Best Blunt Roller: Roll Perfect Blunts Every Time

Best blunt roller

Smoking a terribly rolled blunt sucks. Period. If you are tired of lighting up loose, uneven blunts, blunt rolling machines can be a godsend. Today, I’ll show you why a blunt roller might work for you, how to use a blunt roller and, of course, the best blunt roller reviews.Quick Top 5 Blunt Rollers:​RankProductRatingPriceKingpin Blunt Cigar Roller … Read more

Best Joint Papers: The Slow Burning, No Running Top 10

Best joint papers

When it comes to finding the best joint paper, it is difficult to disseminate between the endless mix of rolling papers. While smoker’s preferences vary, most are looking for thin, durable paper that burns clean with minimal runs. To make things easier, today we’ll show you how to buy joint papers, what to avoid and also give … Read more