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Marijuana Effects: The Effects of Cannabis On Your Brain, Heart & Quality of Living

How marijuana affects you has long been under debate. There is a ton of people still subscribed to the reefer madness outlook on cannabis. But, more and more researchers are conducting studies on the long and short-term effects of cannabis. In this article, we’ll go over both what these studies have taught us to shed some light on […]

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How to Inhale Weed Properly to Get Higher

President Bill Clinton may not have inhaled, but if you’re smoking cannabis and want to feel high, you most certainly need to. Smoking marijuana isn’t the same experience as puffing away on a cigarette. While different, inhaling weed isn’t a complex concept either. So whether you’re a beginner, or looking to get as much from your hit as […]

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The Healthiest Way to Smoke Weed Besides a Vaporizer

Despite what the media might have told you, smoking cannabis isn’t detrimental to your health. It’s much healthier than other (incorrectly) associated substances, like alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. As you are likely well aware, smoking marijuana is also linked to many positive health benefits. So much so, there is now a flourishing market for medical marijuana. But is […]

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