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How Many Ounces in a Pound of Cannabis

Are you in the market for a pound of cannabis? Probably not. But… If you smoke and enjoy cannabis, why not go the extra mile and learn cannabis measurements? After all, a few extra grams of cannabis knowledge never hurt no one. Understanding grams, pounds and ounces may be a tad confusing. But if you’re buying in bulk, you need […]

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How Many Grams in an Ounce of Cannabis

Gone are the days when buying marijuana was your dirty secret. Today, it’s possible to buy cannabis without any hassles if you’re from a location that’s made cannabis legal. It’s still important, however, to understand how you weigh cannabis and measured if you want to buy any. Instead of going with a typical eighth, you now have options. And […]

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How Much Does An Eighth of Weed Weigh?

Marijuana veterans are knowledgeable about everything cannabis.  Newbies, however, can get lost in the lingo. Cannabis is measured in so many ways that it can get confusing. Now either you’re scared to ask someone or are worried that your cooler friends may make fun of you. As someone who knows where to buy cannabis, you must also know how […]

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The Best Joint Filter: Never Inhale Chunks of Weed Again

Joints are one of the most common forms of smoking Cannabis. Something that many people enjoy using to make their smoking experience more pleasant is a crutch—aka a joint filter. You can easily prevent yourself from getting little pieces of weed in your mouth during sessions with a the best joint filter.Quick Top 5 Joint Filters:RankProductRatingPriceRaw Rolling Papers […]

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