The Best Glass Blunt: Twisty Glass Blunts Review

Glass Blunt Review Featured Image

One of the tried and true methods of smoking marijuana is with a blunt. Blunts are great for those who want to pack a lot of weed or are sharing with a bunch of friends. They’re sturdier than joints, hold more than bowls, and are more portable than bongs. The only downside? Blunt wraps usually contain nicotine and other … Read more

The 10 Best Pipes for Weed in 2019

Weed Pipe Feature Image

The best pipes for weed take smoking to a whole nother level. And pipes have long been a favorite among cannabis consumers because of their portability, durability and they also help tone down the smell. If you’re looking to grab one, you’ll want to keep reading to see what we chose as the best pipes.RankProductRatingPriceGrav Labs She​​​​​rlock … Read more

The Best Weed Subscription Box: Top 10 Cannabis Subscription Boxes

Marijuana subscription box Reviews Featured Image

What if I told you that you could have AWESOME smoking accessories sent you every month? Well, thanks to weed subscription boxes you can! Now, most of these don’t include any buds in their boxes. They do, however, offer everything you need to enjoy your favorite strains. Today, we’re going to compare the different subscription services on … Read more

The Best Beaker Bong: Top 20 Bongs Straight From the Science Lab

Best Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are an iconic piece of stoner glassware. Their shape is hard to mistake, mimicking a piece of laboratory equipment, straight out of a science experiment. Beaker bongs are a pivotal piece for any smokers’ glassware collection. Whether you are looking for a clear conventional beaker or a more innovative and artistic piece, the options are limitless. Here … Read more