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The Similarities and Differences of a Bong vs Hookah

While to non-smoking aficionados, a hookah and a bong may seem like the same thing, they are actually quite different. Essentially, the primary function of a bong and a hookah are quite similar. The intention of both is to create a vacuum of smoke that you inhale through a mouthpiece. While the similarities don’t necessarily end there, there are some […]

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Why does Bong Water Smell & How to Make it Stop

Why does bong water smell? I mean, we’ve all been there. We knocked the bong over, the water spills everywhere, and the whole room reeks! Today, I’ll teach you why bong water smells and why you shouldn’t smoke from nasty bong water.Why does Bong Water Smell?To understand why bong water smells, you first need to understand what it’s […]

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How to Make a Hand Pipe: Fruit, Candy, You Name it.

There are plenty of reasons to make a hand pipe versus going out and buying one. Maybe you like to use fruit because of the biodegradable aspect or maybe you’re just flat broke. Either way, having some good homemade handpipe recipes in your repertoire is something every smoker, both casual, and full-timers should have in their back […]

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Bong vs Pipe: The Good and the Ugly of Both

Bong vs. Pipe… The never ending debate. While smokers will always have their favorite of the two, which one is actually better? Is there really actually any big differences between the two?  Keep reading to learn how the water pipe vs dry hand pipe debate shakes out.Hand PipesHand pipes are the classic choice. They can be made from either clay, […]

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