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Best Advanced Nutrients for Soil When Growing Cannabis

Best Advanced Nutrients for Soil

There comes the point in every grower’s life where they need to give their plants an additional boost of nutrients. With medical and recreational marijuana becoming increasingly legal across state lines, the marijuana industry has gotten busy formulating fertilizers to ensure faster growth and larger yields. One of the brands at the forefront of the cannabis fertilizer […]

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The Best Fluorescent Grow Lights for Cannabis: t5 Grow Lights in 2019

Best Fluorescent Grow Lights for Cannabis

Fluorescent lights are nothing new to cannabis growers. In fact, they were the most widely used lights just a few years ago. After all, they are cheap and easy to get. Later, growers began using them as supplemental lights when more powerful lights like LEDs and HIDs entered the market. You can still use fluorescent lights like the T5 from the […]

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