The Best Cannabis Seeds: Buy Autoflower & Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online Since 2019

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Every plant starts at a seed. So, if you are looking to cultivate your own cannabis plants, you need to make sure you get quality seeds that will generate a solid yield and flavor. Not sure where to begin when picking out cannabis seeds? No worries, I am here to help with that. Let’s take a look at some … Read more

Cannabis Cloning: The Complete Guide to Endless Cannabis

cannabis cloning

Wouldn’t it be awesome to grow cannabis, without having to buy seeds for every harvest? Cannabis cloning does just that. When you grow a plant, every single cell of that plant contains all the biological information necessary to reconstruct the whole plant. This means that if you have a strain of marijuana you’re happy with, and you … Read more

Epsom Salt for Cannabis: Why You Should Exploit this Grow Hack

epsom salt cannabis

We all want to grow healthy cannabis plants. Ask any green thumb, and they’ll tell you that using Epsom Salts is one of the gardener’s most trusted hacks for growing strong, nutrient-rich plants. Today, I’ll show you why you should use Epsom Salt for cannabis. And, more importantly, when not to!​What are Epsom Salts?Epsom Salts are a naturally … Read more

Harvesting Cannabis: The Guide to Take Your Bud From Plant to Bag

Harvesting Cannabis

Is it just me? Or is harvesting cannabis the BEST part of growing your own marijuana? Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the long and meticulous grind of growing come to fruition. Today, you’ll learn when your cannabis plants are ready for harvest and how to harvest without ruining all of your hard work!When is Cannabis Ready … Read more

The Best Bud Trimming Scissors for Cannabis

Best Bud Trimming Scissors

Harvest season is upon us, and it’s time to start preparing for the trim. Getting the right tools for the job can make the long hours of trimming pleasurable, instead of mind-numbing. Professional bud trimmers have very strong opinions about favorite brands, styles, and trim techniques. But if you are just getting started, it’s hard to sort out … Read more

How to Add AC to a Grow Tent & the Best Ac for Grow Tent

Best Ac for Grow Tent

Two of the greatest challenges when growing your weed is combating the fluctuating temperatures and controlling the humidity in your grow room. Cannabis is a very finicky plant. If the conditions aren’t right, then you will not get the results you desire. That’s why getting an air conditioner may be essential for your grow room to operate at … Read more

The Best Nutrients for Hydroponic Cannabis Using Any Hydro System

Best Nutrients for Hydroponic Cannabis

Over the years, cannabis growers have experimented quite a bit.From growing in plain soil to soilless mediums like coco peat, we have indeed come a long way.Out of several growing techniques, hydroponic agriculture seems very popular.If you’ve decided to grow your buds in water, you need all the help you can get.It’s not really rocket … Read more

Best Bloom Nutrients for Cannabis: Nutrients for Flowering Stage

Best Bloom Nutrients for Cannabis

Caring for your marijuana plant can be a taxing but rewarding job. To get the best out of your cannabis plant, you must give it the best in return. That’s why these buds need different nutrients during the flowering phase than they do while they are germinating. Figuring out which nutrients are right for this crucial stage in … Read more