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Tiny White Spots on Cannabis Leaves? Need Help?

During your morning cannabis farming, you notice a few white spots scattered over the leaves of a plant. It almost looks as if someone splattered them with a white powder. Unfortunately for you, and for your crop, you’ve just encountered an infestation of White Powdering Mildew (WPM). It’s a problem most growers will face at one point or […]

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I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has been selling low-cost, high quality, and easily accessible marijuana seeds since 2012. Started by a long-time Dutch grower, Robert Bergman, ILGM launched as a passion project. Bergman wanted to share his knowledge about growing marijuana with others. Soon, Bergman branched out and teamed up with seed breeders to provide his readers with access […]

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The Best Cannabis Root Stimulator: Using a Root Enhancer for Cannabis

We’re all looking for that secret trick that will take our yields to the next level. The best cannabis root stimulator just might be that secret. A root stimulator can provide young plants with macronutrients enabling them to establish a faster primary rooting system, vibrant growth, good nutrient absorption ability and the capability to resist root rot. Here we […]

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