Prevent Your Garden from Stinking with The Best Carbon Filter for Your Grow Room

Best Carbon Filter for Grow Tent

You may have heard of carbon filters when research the best grow tent set ups. Maybe you saw the phrase while shopping, or mentioned in reviews or recommendations. With the amount of information crammed into the descriptions of these, however, it can be overwhelming to understand what they are, why they’re important and what to look for. This … Read more

Best Advanced Nutrients for Soil When Growing Cannabis

Best Advanced Nutrients for Soil

There comes the point in every grower’s life where they need to give their plants an additional boost of nutrients. With medical and recreational marijuana becoming increasingly legal across state lines, the marijuana industry has gotten busy formulating fertilizers to ensure faster growth and larger yields. One of the brands at the forefront of the cannabis fertilizer … Read more

The Best Fluorescent Grow Lights for Cannabis: t5 Grow Lights in 2019

Best Fluorescent Grow Lights for Cannabis

Fluorescent lights are nothing new to cannabis growers. In fact, they were the most widely used lights just a few years ago. After all, they are cheap and easy to get. Later, growers began using them as supplemental lights when more powerful lights like LEDs and HPS grow lights entered the market. You can still use fluorescent lights like … Read more

The Average Greenhouse Yield Per Square Foot

Greenhouse Yield Per Square Foot

When it comes to cultivating cannabis, there are pros and cons to growing in a greenhouse. At the end of the day, what matters most to the person growing the weed is getting as much yield as possible. More yield means a greater return on your investment. Therefore, is getting a greenhouse worth this investment? Let’s take a look … Read more

Learn the Best Curing Method for Cannabis

Best Curing Method for Cannabis

Growing cannabis is such a meticulous process. Blowing months of hard work in the final steps of cultivating your bud would be a travesty. To maintain the flavor and potency of your flowers, you must first put your trimmings through a drying process. Once dried, you have to rehydrate the outside layer by curing your plants slowly. This will … Read more