The Best Temperature to Grow Marijuana: Grow Room Temp & Humidity

Best Temperature to Grow Marijuana

Growing your cannabis is a rewarding experience. However, to get this satisfaction, you have to put in a lot of work. You must adhere to strict guidelines to maintain your plants’ health…and to get maximum yield. One of these important factors is regulating the temperature. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, cannabis needs the ideal climate to thrive. From germination … Read more

The Best Dehumidifier for Grow Tent & Where to Place it

Best Dehumidifier for Grow Tent

Whether you’re growing weed for a hobby or are a larger-scale cannabis cultivator, humidity holds no prejudice on whose crops it destroys. For many indoor growers, a dehumidifier is a necessary part of the process. Are you unsure of what size dehumidifier for grow tent to use or where to place a dehumidifier in grow room for … Read more

The Best Way to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Cannabis at Time of Harvest

Best Way to Get Rid of Spider Mites on Cannabis

A spider mite is your worst enemy if you’re growing cannabis plants indoors. And the plants are ready to flower. Spider mites can attack the plants any time. However, the flowering phase is the worst. Because your yields become useless. And there’s nothing you can do if the infestation is severe. But, there are ways to prevent the attack. And also prevent it, … Read more

How to Grow Dense Buds | Dense Buds vs Airy Buds

How to Grow Dense Buds

Just about anyone can grow cannabis. But, it takes a master to grow delicious, dense buds covered in so much resin that makes you want to eat it. You could get all the sophisticated equipment in the world and still end up with airy buds. Conversely, you might spend very little and enjoy a huge resin-covered harvest. So, what’s … Read more

Tiny White Spots on Cannabis Leaves? Need Help?

White Spots on Cannabis Leaves

During your morning cannabis farming, you notice a few white spots scattered over the leaves of a plant. It almost looks as if someone splattered them with a white powder. Unfortunately for you, and for your crop, you’ve just encountered an infestation of White Powdering Mildew (WPM). It’s a problem most growers will face at one point or … Read more Review: An Unbiased ILGM Review Review

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has been selling low-cost, high quality, and easily accessible marijuana seeds since 2012. Started by a long-time Dutch grower, Robert Bergman, ILGM launched as a passion project. Bergman wanted to share his knowledge about growing marijuana with others. Soon, Bergman branched out and teamed up with seed breeders to provide his readers with access … Read more

The Best Cannabis Root Stimulator: Using a Root Enhancer for Cannabis

Best Cannabis Root Stimulator

We’re all looking for that secret trick that will take our yields to the next level. The best cannabis root stimulator just might be that secret. A root stimulator can provide young plants with macronutrients enabling them to establish a faster primary rooting system, vibrant growth, good nutrient absorption ability and the capability to resist root rot. Here … Read more

How to Start Growing Weed Indoors: Cheap Indoor Grow Setup

How to Start Growing Weed Indoors

Many cannabis laws around the United States allow you to grow cannabis in your own home. While each state has their own regulations, the process of growing marijuana is universal. Sure, depending on the cannabis strain, the specifics on how to grow it will be unique. However, the nuts and bolts of getting started are fundamentally the … Read more