Buying a Dab Rigs Under 50: Is it Worth it?

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If cannabis were a neighborhood, you know who would be the newest and hippest kid on that block?


Whether you call it shatter, glass or concentrates, dabs pack a serious THC punch.

However, they’re not as simple as breaking up flower and rolling up.

The best way to enjoy the extra bursts of THC is through a dab rig.

Some of the best dab rigs can be quite pricey.

However, we reviewed the best dab rigs under 50 to help save you some money!


Quick Top 5 Dab Rigs Under 50:

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What is a Dab?

When you hear the word “dab,” someone is talking about a concentrated form of cannabis.

Within the trichomes of cannabis, flowers lie little resin oils.

Under pressure such as heat or a press, the trichomes burst, releasing the resin.

As the resin gets extracted from a marijuana plant, it creates a small ball of wax that resembles the color of honey.

This is what we know as dabs.

What is the Purpose of Smoking Dabs?

Whenever you spark up a flower, the trichomes explode, releasing THC into the blunt wrap or bowl that you are inhaling from.

As soon as the butane flame comes into contact with the flower, loads of cannabinoids explode into smithereens and get lost into the atmosphere.

Dabs prevent such waste.

They go straight to the source.

How are Dabs More Potent?

Cannabinoids are what gives marijuana its medicinal recognition and the recreational high.

These chemical compounds are derived from aromatic chemicals within marijuana called terpenes.

By going straight to the oil, you are getting a higher THC count and more intense flavors.

Picking Out the Right Dab

Dab is a blanket term to explain a bunch of unique cannabis products that offer a different high from one another.

Here are a few terms to describe different types of dabs and what you can expect.

  • Budder (Creamy like butter, extracted via butane)

  • Clear Isolate/Bubble (Looks like sand, cold-water extracted for purest concentrate)

  • Glass/Shatter (Transparent with taffy texture, needs to heat to high temps)

  • Rosin (Extracted with no solvents, via parchment paper/flat iron and scraper)

Also, be sure to read this THCoverdose Guide to online headshops before you blindly buy from a shop online.

How to Use a Dab Rig

Using a dab rig might be a bit complicated at first.

However, once you get the hang of it, it’s pretty simple.

Just take a look at the oil rig.

You’ll notice three essential items.

They are are a water pipe, nail (or e-nail), and mouthpiece.

Attach the nail to the water pipe.

Take a torch and heat the nail.

From there, grab your concentrate with a dabber.

Place the wax onto the moat area of the hot nail.

Immediately, your concentrate will combust.

Pull from the mouthpiece like a normal bong hit.

Take small, smooth draws as the weed is going be very potent.

Best Dab Rig Under 50

As you get more into dabbing, you might want to switch up your smoking accessories.

For instance, you may trade the nail in for an e-nail.

This will regulate temperature so that you don’t have to use a butane torch to spark your concentrate.

However, if you're beginning your dabbing journey, it's best to start with a less complicated model.

So, if you’re looking for a new dab rig under 50 or are looking to get your first, here are the best dab rigs under 50. 

The Best Dab Rigs Under 50

Who said beauty needed to be expensive?

From the start, this is a gorgeous piece of glass that would look great on any shelf.

However, its ability to get you high off dabs is almost second to none.

This small dab rig is lightweight and simple to handle

It fits your hand like a glove, making it one of the most convenient dab rigs under 50 to travel around with.

The Black Sheep has a disc perc which makes for a smooth smoking experience.

As the water already goes through one filtration process in the basin of the dab rig, it works its way into multiple crevices of the disc perc.

With your inhalation working as suction to force the smoke through, the many slits in the perc adds an extra step of filtration.

The pressure of your inhale and the slices crafted on the perc knocks off any extra potential contaminants including dust and butane molecules.

Having a disc perc like the Black Sheep Mini makes cleaning less of a worry as smoke moves around the dab rig freely.

While the Black Sheep Mini may be the most beautiful of the dab rigs under 50, it’s the Eyce Rig that is perhaps the coolest.

This dab rig comes in multiple tye-dye colors.

The way the Eyce Rig is designed makes dabbing a lot easier.

For one, there is a handle for you to grasp for extra support.

With it’s perfectly squared off bottom, it makes the dab rig sturdy as it sits out in front of you.

From there, the nail is conveniently placed directly in the middle of the dab rig.

All you need is your spare hand to torch up and then drop the dab onto the moat.

There’s no worry about letting go of this dab rig or the wax sliding off over the side.

This is one of the most sturdy dab rigs out there.

One last great feature is the mouthpiece.

It has a great contour shape that allows you to create a strong suction as you inhale.

This one looks like a science experiment... gone right!

Seeing as the bottom is a beaker, there is no concern about the Mini Recycler toppling over.

Going into the beaker is a fixed downstem.

There are a few slits along the side of this downstem that diffuses the vapor for a smoother hit.

You’ll notice a glass arm that acts as a bridge from the bent neck of the dab rig to the beaker base.

At the bottom of the base, there’s also an opening that sort of forms a neck.

The reason for these openings is to recycle the vapor.

It creates an open loop for the smoke to travel so that it’s continuously filtering until it reaches your lips.

That makes this dab rig under 50 the smoothest pull on the list.

When it comes to finding a dab rig under 50 that you are not likely to drop, look no further than the Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler.

This oil rig comes with multiple maria rings strategically placed in popular areas of interest.

You’ll notice maria rings in areas such as just underneath the mouthpiece, where the mouthpiece meets the basin, and right under where you would place the nail.

Attached the downstem is a showerhead percolator.

With many tiny holes, you can expect a lot of bubbles in your basin.

This makes for an intense (and delicious flavor burst) as you smoke from the Maria Ring Dab Rig Bubbler.

While there are many positives to this piece, the one downfall is the mouthpiece.

It’s a bit flat, making it harder to contour around your mouth.

That one drawback aside, this is an excellent piece to dab on-the-go with.

If you want a dab rig under 50 that is sure to be a conversation piece, then pick up the Wig Wag Mini Dab Rig Bubbler.

This oil rig comes with a unique design.

While some may love the psychedelic vibe of its paint choices, others might find them a bit erratic.

Hence the whole conversation piece thing.

Speaking of polarizing, the Wig Wag Mini Dabber Rig Bubbler comes with a nail.

While that is convenient, there have been complaints that these nails aren’t compatible with the piece, rendering it useless.

Regarding actually smoking out of this oil rig, it’s sufficient.

Due to its structure, there are plenty of opportunities for smoke to swirl throughout the rig before it hits your lips.

Therefore, you are guaranteed to get smooth hits that are bursting with long as you have a nail that fits!

They say two heads are better than one.

Perhaps two dab rigs under 50 are better than one as well?

With Encore, you get an encore because it comes with two oil rigs.

This is perfect to give as a gift for newlywed stoners or to take on a vacation with friends.

The Encore is an attractive piece that is made out of durable glass.

It has the same beaker shape as the Mini Recycler Beaker Base Dab Rig.

However, the base part is not as wide and doesn’t have as much of a pyramid-like journey up to the stem.

Therefore, it might not be as sturdy as the Mini Recycler.

With that being said, don’t expect this thing to fall over with a whole lot of prompting.

Other than the fact that you are getting two pieces and they’re both shaped like a beaker, there’s not much else to write home about for this dab rig.

It doesn’t have any additional bells and whistles.

However, with an extra rig, this is without a doubt the best deal and most cost-efficient of the dab rigs under 50 we listed.

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