Dankstop Reviews: An Honest Look at Dankstop.com

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In the early days of online shopping, buying glassware and other weed paraphernalia online was risky.

Would the business shut down before your order arrived? Would your money disappear with no bong in sight?

Thankfully, today’s world of online pot-shopping is much less nerve-racking. But that doesn’t mean all shops were created equal.

Many of us have had a not-so-pleasant interaction with customer service about lost or broken shipments.

Hence why we’ve come to appreciate the quality, attention to detail, and service of DankStop. It's an online headshop which seems to genuinely care about their customer’s satisfaction.

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DankStop, Who?

DankStop started out trying to solve a major mystery in the online glassware market.

As cannabis hobbyists themselves, they wondered why all the online headshops seemed to have horribly made product, and non-existent customer service.

Dankstop.com offers some of the best glass bongs you can buy.

Why did their orders always show up broken or incorrect?

Why was it always impossible to find a large selection of well-crafted glassware, for a decent price?

According to their origin story, the founders combined their powers to create a customer-centered headshop, an online marketplace for concentrate rigs, glassware and more.

Instead of importing cheap glassware from overseas, marking it up, and skimping on customer service, they committed to creating an online shop they would want to buy from themselves.

An American Company, Selling American Glassware

With the rise in legal marijuana, there has also been a rise in cheaply made, imported smoking goods.

Cheap glassware, shoddy dag rigs, and toxic materials have flooded the market. These products filled the shelves of smokers like you but were never built to last.

Unlike the traditional headshop in your neighborhood, there were no repercussions if the rig fell apart.

But the mandate at Dankstop is taking the local, American made mentality, and bringing it online.

They are based in New Jersey, hire American employees, and strive to sell quality made American goods.

From our experience, if there are any questions about an order, they are easy to reach and extremely approachable.

What is DankStop’s Brand Selection Like?

Part of the appeal of DankStop, besides the made in America characteristic, is their commitment to top-notch brands. To date they carry over 200 well-curated brands, covering A to Z. From AMG Glass to Zob and Aspire to Zink.

They focus on a few key categories but have tons of add-ons if you only need to top up your glassware order with a side of blunt wraps.

The main areas of focus are their extensive glassware collection, dab rigs, plus a solid dose of vaporizers.

If Anyone Knows Glass, It’s DankStop

Glassware is what DankStop has built up a dedicated customer following through. A quick scroll through their curated selection of glass indicates they pay attention to what a real-smoker loves.

The beauty of glassware is hard to define, considering the many different aesthetics. Some weed smokers prefer long clear, perfectly blown beaker bongs.

Others enjoy a conversation piece, one which stands out as you pass the pipe around the circle. And some people just want to buy bongs for cheap.

DankStop seems to have taken the style of a piece into consideration before they add it into their online headshop.

But they also have put the pipe in their hand, and taken a rip from the bong to guarantee functionality alongside the aesthetic.

But What About if You Prefer Concentrates?

Everyone still loves a good bong rip now and then, but the new wave of technological cannabis advancement is in dabs, concentrates, and rigs.

DankStop has collected a wide array of products, brands, and accessories for even the most discriminating dabber.

Dab nails, caps, dabbers, full rigs, torches, and starter kits have all been selected after a close inspection for quality and product consistency.

Refine your dabbing experience through the perfect piece for that specific shatter in your collection.

Or add to your rig compilation with a new innovative, recycler. DankStop has the perfect piece to up your dab game.

Dankstop.com offers some of the best dab rigs online.

Everyone Loves a Good Novelty Smoking Experience

No matter how advanced weed smoking gets, nothing beats a good novelty pipe, bong or rig.

Popular culture and cartoon imagery have long been a pervasive influence on glassware in stoner culture, and DankStop has filled their warehouse with pieces meant to start a conversation.

From Rick and Morty one-hitters to a Bob’s Burgers dab rig to a pipe inspired by the President of America himself.

There is essentially a conversation starter for every popular culture reference of the last decade. Take your pick and get smoking.

Are their Prices Better than Other Glass Shops?

The other piece which really sets DankStop apart from the competition is the affordability. No longer are you held hostage by the short selection and high prices of your local shop.

Now you get to browse thousands of items, at reasonable prices. Plus, they always offer free shipping on every order.

Notably, DankStop doesn't offer bottom of the barrel, dollar store prices.

But, the companies offering the cheapest prices typically come with high shipping fees and non-existent customer service.

In our experience, paying a reasonable price for a little security on your order is worth it.

A Pleasant Shopping Experience, from Start to Finish

If you’ve ever entered into a dark, cluttered, dusty headshop, you’ll know what a bad bong shopping experience feels like.

There are still many online headshops out there which seem to take their design cues from these old styled headshops.

Do you want to dig through the cluttered, unorganized back catalogs of an online store? Of course not.

Well organized, bright images, and clear descriptions help make the DankStop shopping experience enjoyable, even if you are just window shopping.

Plus, if you are new to the weed world, every category has a helpful glossary to guide new customers through the wide world of ceramic dag cabs, steamrollers, to bubblers.

Need a Guided Tour to Help you Make your Purchase? No Problem.

Yes, the DankStop store is well laid out, and the photos are well lit and clear.

Also, the products have concise descriptions, but its still hard to make a decision when shopping online.

DankStop has started adding a bonus feature to some of its most popular products. Now, customers can explore a 360 degree, live-action, view of their potential bong, pipe, or other glassware.

Through a helpful series of videos, many customer favorites have an in-depth guided tour to their features and functionality. Perfect for the hesitant online shopper.

How Does Their Shipping Policy Work?

How many times have you filled your online shopping cart, only to go through the checkout process to discover the shipping is more than the order itself.

Nothing takes the wind out of your smoke filled sales like a horrible shipping rate.

Thankfully, all sales within the US come with free shipping at DankStop, whether you buy a giant, heavy glass bong, or a small packet of blunt wraps.

Shipping internationally? Any orders over $300 also come with free shipping.

DankStop packages your order quickly, and shipping times are at most four days to the other end of the country.

In the online shopping world, these qualities are unheard of.

What is DankStop’s Return Policy?

What happens if you got a gas mask bong that just isn’t for you?

Even if you simply decide you don’t like the color or the feel in your hand, they gladly accept returns within 15 days of shipping, so long of course as it's never been used.

Keep in mind returns based on personal preference do incur a small restocking fee. What happens if the glassware or rig arrives broken?

According to DankStop, only 0.30 percent of orders arrive damaged, thanks to their priority shipping.

Check out their clear return policy for damaged items before shipping back, as there are some preconditions.

Can an Online Headshop Truly Have Excellent Customer Service?

According to weed smokers in the know, DankStop is one of the Top Online Headshops in operation today.


Their free shipping, well-crafted selection, which is shipped discreetly, is always done under the watchful eye of a helpful customer support team.

Many other online head shops in our experience, may have one or two of these characteristics, but never all.

For those with extra questions, an issue or confusion over their order, DankStop can be reached via phone, email, or live chat.

They’ve even reached out to their customers via Reddit threads. They are anything but a company hiding from their customers.

What’s DankStop’s Quality Control Procedures Like?

While the vast majority of DankStop’s goods are made proudly in the U.S, there are a few select pieces which they must import.

In all cases, however, their goods come with the guarantee of rigorous quality control. Every new shipment into their warehouse goes through the same process, no matter its origin.

In fact, bongs, pipes, and all other products are received only after a full quality inspection, and then inspected a second time once you’ve ordered it.

Its a quality control procedure which eliminates the risk and gives you the comfort pressing the order button.

After you go buy a new bong from Dankstop.com, come back and check out our guide on the bong attachments here!

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