What is Scientific Glass and Headdy Glass and Which is the Best?

If it’s been awhile since the last time you stepped into a headshop or bought a new water pipe or dab rig, then seeing how far functional glass art has come in the past few years can be a little mind-boggling.

There’s new jargon and gizmos everywhere you look but, today, I’m going to discuss what both scientific glass and Headdy glass is, so you’ll be able to make a more informed purchasing decision.

What is Scientific Glass?

Scientific glass takes its name from… yup, science. This kind of glass is a thick clear borosilicate glass that is made to be extremely durable and has a greater resistance to heat.

Most scientific glass designs are influenced by laboratory designs such as beakers.

Thick and durable glass is nice and all, but where scientific glass water pipes make their money is with their percolators. With scientific glass, you’re going to get a variety of complex percolators made available to you.

Scientific Glass Highlights

  • Highly advanced Percolators
  • Thick and Durable Borosilicate Glass
  • Laboratory Influenced Designs
  • Clear Glass

What is Headdy Glass?

Now, scientific glass can get extremely complex, headdy glass, however, can be monstrous. Literally. Headdy glass can be water pipes shaped like monsters! Headdy glass pieces accentuate the artistic side of glass blowing and allows the artist to express themselves.

You will know a piece of headdy glass when you see it because it’s bright colors and complicated artistic design with pop out at you. In headdy glass, you will see a lot of the highly advanced glass blowing techniques put to work, such as fuming, sandblasting, accents, and sculpting.

A lot of people think high-end glass then they think of headdy glass. This is not to say that scientific glass isn’t, only that some one of a kind headdy pieces can cost over $10,000. A lot of headdy glass pieces are one of a kind pieces of art; they are often highly sought after and collected.

Headdy Glass Highlights

  • Really Artistic
  • Unique Pieces
  • High End
  • Advanced Glass Blowing Techniques
  • Collected as Art

Which is the Best?

Both scientific glass and headdy glass both have their upsides and downsides. And as to what you would prefer to buy? That’s gonna depend on what it is you’re looking to get out of the glass.

If you want something to carry around with you to smoke sessions at a festival or a friends house, then you’re going to want a scientific glass water pipe. I’m sure I don’t have to put into words the heartbreak that would ensue after watching your one of a kind, $4500, headdy water pipe crash into a hundred pieces at the hands of your drunk girlfriend or boyfriend dancing to Easy Star All-Stars Dub Side of the Moon…

However, if you’re known to keep your glass in good condition and don’t take it out adventuring with you, then a beautiful headdy piece will be great to add to your collection.

Tony Hand Jr

Tony Jr is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of THCoverdose.com. If he’s not smoking, writing or watching anime, then you can usually find him on the couch yelling over terrible play calling.

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