The Best Gas Mask Bong Review & Why You Might Not Even Want One

Have you ever hit a gas mask bong?

If not, it’s something every stoner MUST do.

A right of passage if you will.

But, they also have a lot of downsides that make it seem, well, not so cool.

Today, not only will we be looking at the best gas mask bong, we’ll also be taking a look at how to use a gas mask bong and why you might want to let them stay in your stoner fantasies.

Why Use a Gas Mask Bong

I think we can all think of a few reasons we would want to hit a gas mask bong.

For starters, it looks awesome!

They’re always a hit at parties.

Most of your friends have probably never hit a gas mask, and getting to smoke out of something and is always exciting.

They’re also a lot cheaper than you’d think—you can get a good gas mask for under $50.

Probably the most appealing part of a gas mask bong is the mini secluded hot box you expierence.

You literally just chill as you breathe in an entire bowl.

Why a Gas Mask Might Not be as Cool as You Think.

First, let’s take a look at the practicality of a gas mask bong for smoking weed.

You’re not going to use it as your every bowl piece—trust me, you just won’t.

So, that means you’re buying a novelty piece that you’ll only pull out every now and again.

Do gas mask bongs get you higher?

Now, you pretty much hot box an entire bowl, so it must get you higher, right?

No way, man.

While at first glance you might think it will, but in reality you’ll just be hanging out in stale smoke that isn’t going to get you higher.

You can clear a bowl in a glass bong and you’ll absorb the same amount of THC, if not more because you won’t have any wasted smoke like you will in the gas mask.

You’ll also have to deal with the smoke being in your eyes.

And it can be a pain to light the bowl.

You’ll either need help or to look in a mirror if you can't see your bowl through the gas mask.

How to Use a Gas Mask Bong

Gas mask bongs are pretty easy to use once you figure out how to light the thing.

  • Remove the bong from the gas mask, fill it with water and then reattach it.
  • Loosen the straps of the gas mask and then put in on your face
  • After tightening the mask, light your bowl and breathe in.
  • There’s a cap that keeps air from being sent back down the bong when you exhale, so keep breathing in the hit till the bowl is cashed.

If you want to see it in use, check it out the video below:

The Best Gas Mask Bong Review

Gas Mask Bong | Joystick Model

Now, let me start off by saying that even the best gas mask bong is still going to just be a cheap acrylic bong attached to a gas mask.

Trust me, though.

You don’t want your gas mask bong to be an expensive glass bong.

Gas mask make people cough pretty hard, so they tend to get banged up.

I love this gas mask bong the most because it allows you to get better control of the bong thanks to the joystick grip.

These can be hard to light by yourself, but this grip makes it a lot easier.

The bong itself is just a plain plastic bong with metal screens and a metal bowl.

Nothing special, really.

The mask is a decent size that fits most, and holds pretty damn snug to your face.

The mask is also set up to be able to hook up to any piece (bong, steamroller, etc) with a comparable diameter as the acrylic bong it comes with.

Over all, the grip and quality of the bong is what gives this model the win.

Gas Mask Bong | Skull Model

This gas mask is the same as the one above, the only difference is the style of the bong.

It’s a damn skull.

And, while it might not make the mask smoke any better, it sure does make it look cool.

Ultimately though, we went with the grip model because of how much easier it is to hold.

I wish you could get the bongs in different colors.

Clear is fine, but I would've like to have been able to have a choice.

But, this gas mask does easily attach to most acrylic bongs, so you can always upgrade to a color you like.

Gas Mask Bong | Sealed Acrylic Tube Straight

If you don’t want to spend close to fifty bucks to get a gas mask bong that’s just going to be a party trick, I get it.

You don’t need the cool grips or skull designs to get a good hit off the bong.

Most acrylic bongs aren’t very good anyways, and this one’s no exception.

This model just has a basic straight acrylic with a metal bowl.

It still has a good gas mask which is what really makes a good gas mask bong.

You can save fifteen dollars right now if you choose this basic model.

But, even though it’s just a novelty item, I prefer to spend just a little bit more to get a lot higher-quality bong.

Gas Mask Bong Price

Gas mask bongs are a premium product.

Because they are a novelty item, they generally come with a higher price point.

They make a good party trick, but all honesty, you probably won’t be using it on a daily basis.

If you just want to get stoned, there are far cheaper ways to do it.

But if you’ve already got a giant glassware collection, a gas mask is a great addition to your shelf, even if you only use it a handful of times.

Making an investment in this smoker statement piece does boost your stoner credentials.

If you’ve got the extra cash, why not add one to your collection?

How to make a gas mask bong

So maybe you don’t want to shell out the extra money to buy a gas mask.

Good news!

You can make one yourself.

Gather the following items:

A long-necked glass or plastic bong (the one you use on a daily basis will work)

An empty 2-liter soda bottle

Electrical tape

Paper cup

With the bottle top facing downwards, you’ll want to cut off the bottom 2 inches of the bottle and a scoop out of one side to fit over your face.

Tape around the edges to protect your face from any sharp edges.

In the bottom of the paper cup, cut a hole big enough to fit the soda bottle top through.

Connect the paper cup funnel to the soda bottle top.

This paper cup funnel goes over the top of the bong.

Place the soda bottle mask over your face, the cup over the top of the bong and light er’ up!

Are Gas Mask Bongs Dangerous?

In a certain sense, they are, but not in a life-threatening way.

Because a gas mask is a bit challenging to get on and get off, it essentially forces the user to smoke until there is nothing left in the bowl.

Smoking that much weed is fun, most of the time.

But sometimes, smoking that much weed can cause you to green out.

If you are sensitive to THC or have never smoked out of a gas mask bong before, you’ll want to take it easy your first few times.

Little tokes and smaller bowls are a good introduction.


So, if you want a fun bong that your friends will love, then a gas mask bong will be perfect for you.

If you think it will be a good everyday smoker that gets you higher, probably not.

The smoke in the mask can irritate your eyes and isn’t going to get you higher.

They are fun to have around, though, and picking up one of these will not be a disappointment.

Now, where to buy a gas mask bong online?

One of the best online headshops there is, Grasscity, carries all of the masks we talked about here.

Have you hit a gas mask before?

If so, what do you think is the best gask mask bong?

Let’s smoke over it in the comments below or on our Facebook.

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