Gifts for stoners

The Toker Poker

This Bic Lighter add-on is the perfect companion to any smoker. One part  bowl packer, one part declogger. And, it can hold up to 5’ of hemp wick.

Marijuana Leaf High Socks

Do you want to be the coolest cat around? Then be caught in these bright colored marijuana leaf high socks. For the price, you can’t ask for better comfort.

Magical Butter Machine

Become a cannabis edibles expert with this easy to use machine. Stronger, better tasting edibles are as simple as throwing everything in touching a button.

UV Glass Smell-Proof Jar

Did you know that UV lights make your buds degrade? Plastics bags do not protect against this, that’s why you need this UV-proof stash jar.

Stash Jar Humidity Packs

Are you tired of whack dry bags? Me too. Well, say no more thanks to these humidity packs that will keep your bag at the perfect humidity.

Complete Joint Rolling Kit

I mean… I don’t think you need anything else to roll joints with. This set comes with a rolling tray, grinder, roller, papers, tips and doob tubes!

The Debowler

Normally, emptying out a cashed bowl leaves you with ash all over your hands or jeans. This is the perfect tool to clear a bowl, without the mess.

Marijuana USA Flag

Are you a proud marijuana smoker? Then sing it loud and proud from the mountain tops with this durable polyester flag.

Wake & Bake Coffee Cup Pipe

Do you like a bowl with your coffee? Now it’s easier than ever with this coffee mug with a built-in bowl! And, no. The smoke never touches the coffee!

Coke Diversion Stash Can

Look, legal state or not, we all have reasons for wanting to hide our stash. They'll ever notice that the Coke can in your fridge is stuffed with weed.

Gold Leaf Rolling Tray

Want a kick-ass rolling tray? This huge aluminum tray is big enough to hold more bud than you can afford and comes with a roller and papers.

The Cannabis Spa at Home

This is the secret to making your own cannabis-infused lotions, oils, ointments, bath salts and that you’ll need for a full-blown spa day.

Tightvac Storage Container

Whether you buy a gram at a time or a pound, keeping your cannabis fresh is a must. They're available in tons of sizes and colors.

Kush Beanie

Have you ever wanted to actually look cool? If so, this might actually solve your problem! Bright colored, and comfortable as. Lucky you!

Funny Doob Tubes

These doob tubes are a great way to impress your friend(s). Any tube can protect a joint. These tell you a joke while they’re doing it.

Ice Pipe Mold

Tired of smoking out of foil and coke cans? Tired of spending money on glass? Never again thanks to this easy to use ice pipe!

Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter

Are you worried about smelling like cannabis? You can stop if you carry one of these around with you to exhale through.

Organic Hemp Wick

Hemp wick makes your bowls stronger. Thanks to the low burning temp it doesn’t torch the THC light a regular lighter does.

The Stoner's Coloring Book

You ever get high and want to color pictures? If you don’t, you should totally try it. It freakin’ rocks. 96 cannabis-themed designs.

Cannabis Fridge Magnets

This pack of 72 marijuana smoker approved magnet words is an easy way to waste away a couple of hours.

Smokey The Bear High Tee

Smokey the Bear is always looking out for us. But we could’ve told him that the chance of a fire was 100%.

The Stoner Puzzle Book

This is a fun book to get high and play around with your friends. Just get high and try your hand at any of the 144 pages of activities in the book.

I'd Hit That Tee

This isn’t a shirt you want to wear to mom’s house, but it’s perfect for parties, or the grocery store, or even just hanging out.

Smoke & Sketch Book

Nothing like cannabis to get the creative juices flowing! Scrape away at the paper to reveal trippy tie-dye underneath for awesome art.

Vegan Cannabis Cookbook

This colorful cookbook is loaded with vegan edibles! So, instead of feeling guilty about eating animals, make some yummy vegan animal cookies.

Marijuana Doggy Poop Pags

Love your dog, but also your community? Do your part and pick up your dog’s doo with cannabis-themed, biodegradable poop bags.

Cannabis Playing Cards

Nobody wants to be the guy with regular playing cards… These cards come with 12 unique marijuana based designs.

I Love Cannabis & Coffee Cup

An outstanding addition to anyone's coffee mug collection, this mug speaks to your two favorite things in this world. Coffee & cannabis.

Marijuana Lava Lamp

Take a trip back to the 70’s with the marijuana lava lamp. Bright enough to light up any room well enough to light your bowl.

Stoners' Delight Cook Book

If you love chili cheese & corn cakes or falafel cakes, this book was written for you. Easy to read and filled with great pictures of tasty edibles.

Silicone Spoon Pipe

Are you prone to dropping your pipes? It doesn't matter if it's made of rubber! Drop this pipe all you want, and it won't break.

Death Star Marijuana Grinder

Star Wars fans can finally relax and grind their weed in a grinder that makes them feel like a teenager again. Kief catching, three piece grinder.

Medical Marijuana Iron-On Patch

Spice up any of your favorite clothes with this badge in support of medical marijuana. It’s high-quality and easy to iron on.

Mushroom Glass Stash Jar

This airtight glass stash jar is perfect for any Mario fan looking to level up. The design is etched in the glass, and it keeps your weed fresh.

Hemp Soap on a Roap

All natural, organic hemp seed soap shaped like a marijuana leaf. I mean, how the hell else do you wanna get clean?

The Guide to Marijuana

Want a guide to walk you through the history of cannabis step by step? Dive into this book to learn everything there is about cannabis.

THC Molecule Necklace

Nothing says, “I love you” more than a necklace. So, get the love of your life one that represents your shared love, cannabis.

Dammit Cannabis Stress Doll

Ever feel so stressed you want to tear something apart. Grab some relief by grabbing this doll and banging it around.

The Book on Cannabis Yoga

Want to surprise the yoga lover in your life with a book that they’ll love? Brings together the world of cannabis and yoga for ultimate relaxation.

Bamboo Air Purifying Bag

You can store your stash in this activated bamboo charcoal bag to keep the smell of your bag from wreaking havoc in your car or room.

Marijuana Ashtray

If you're an avid joint or blunt smoker, you're going to love this. It's plenty deep for a ton of roaches, and its durable resin is long-lasting.

"I'd Smoke My Last Bowl With You"

Do you have a BFF that you love smoking with? They’ll love this necklace that lets them know your true feelings about them.

Marijuana Leaf Ice Cube Mold

Perfect for your 420 party! Or any party really… It's made of silicone to make it last and can make eight cubes at a time.

THC Molecule Earrings

These THC molecule earrings are the perfect accessory for a night on the town. The matte black finish goes well with everything!

Not-So-Subtle 4:20 Tee

Want to proudly say you’re a stoner without blatantly saying it? This shirt showing 4:20 is super soft and comfortable.

Cannabis Scented Candles

Don't you just LOVE the smell of cannabis? Well, let it waft through your house with this cannabis-scented candle!

Chrome Marijuana Leaf Zippo

Zippos have always been known as the coolest lighters around. While there aren't good for smoking bowls, they sure look cool.

Medical Marijuana Pencil Bag

You might not want to take this with you to class, but it’s perfect to keep your pencils and pens in one place in your backpack.

Marijuana Smoker Degree

Get a personalized degree in marijuana smoking! And best of all, you don’t have to go into debt up to your eyeballs for it!

420 Trichome Microscope

You can’t pick the perfect time to harvest without looking into the trichomes. 60-75x is plenty to see the amber in your trichomes.

Cannabis Leaf Bed Sheets

Want to look cool and feel cozy? Make your room come to life with this stylish cannabis leaf sheet set!

Matching Couple Best Buds Tees

Shout to the world that you two are best friends, but more importantly that you love marijuana. Available in various colors and size combos.

Hank Smoking a Joint Sticker

Remember that time that Hank got high? Instead of laying in the bushes, slap this sticker on the back of your ride.

Weed Leaf Dog Toy

Your dog likes to have a little fun too. Let them with this huge squeaky dog toy made from organic hemp.

Marijuana Leaf Cookie Cutter

Sure. Anyone can make edibles. Take it up a level by making your edibles shaped like a marijuana leaf! Use of brownies or cookies.

Marijuana Leaf Christmas Tree

Save trees and use an artificial Christmas tree. Make yours stand out by using this marijuana leaf tree. And, no. You can't smoke it.

Cannabis Swim Trucks

You can put cannabis on anything and make it instantly look better. So hide that bod of yours this year with cannabis swim trunks.

Pot Leaf Fern Lei

Made from polyester, this cannabis leaf lei will make you the talk of the beach. The 20” necklace will fit anyone.

Bamboo Herb Storage Box

Everyone needs an herb box for their herbs. This one is made from bamboo and has a magnetic lid to keep it sealed.

Cannabis Leaf Bucket Hat

Made from 100% cotton, this lightweight hat will help to keep sun and sweat out of your eyes all summer long.

Marijuana Themed Leggings

These comfortable marijuana leaf leggings are great to wear with anything, for any occasion. They are one size fits all.

Pot Leaf Nail Decals

Like getting your nails done? These are great if you plan on attending a 420 party, or if you just want to look cool.

Pink Marijuana Dog Collar

This pink and black dog collar looks great on any breed! It's made from high-density nylon, and it's med-large dogs.

The Complete Wax Tool Set

Are you a big fan of wax? If you are, you need this complete wax set. Mats, dab tools and silicone jars make wax easier to handle.

Marijuana Leaf Pool Floatie

Perfect for river floating or pool lounging, this weed leaf float will make you everyone's favorite party guest. 7' wide and not easy to pop.

Perfect Pregame Smokers Kit

Whether you run a dispensary or just want to label your cannabis containers, these quality labels are handy and state compliant.

Green Cannabis Zippo

This dark green zippo has a minimalistic cannabis design. It’s windproof and excellent for smoking joints or blunts.

Weed Money Coin Purse

Made from recycled goods, this is a great little rainy day coin bag. Just make sure to convert it to cash, or you'll have an angry budtender.

Single Panel THC Drug Screen

Unfortunately, sometimes we just have to get tested for THC. Know if you’re clean or not with these quick THC tests.

Rolling Stoned Panties

Show off in these sexy rolling panties. Covered in cannabis leaves and some lips rolling a joint, because why not?

Water Bottle Bong Cap

Make any water bottle into an instant gravity bong with this neat little keychain. It’s easy to use and carry around with you.

Build-a-Bong Book

Want to graduate from making water bottle bongs? With this book, you can even learn how to make your own vaporizer!

Pregame Smoker's Kit

Never be caught without everything you need to smoke again. This carrying case comes full of papers, containers and a grinder.

Magical Butter Mold

Instead of just pouring your butter into a jar, make real sticks with these molds by Magical Butter. Makes up to five sticks at a time.

Cannabis Killer Candle

Don't worry about spraying anything or burning incense to remove marijuana smell. Just always have this candle going never to worry.