How Long Does Urine Stay Good for a Lab Drug Test

So, you’ve got a routine drug test coming up at work.

Understandably, if you love a bit of ganja, you might be a bit nervous.

No matter how routine the test, passing isn’t guaranteed.

If you are thinking of using fake urine, or someone else’s clean urine, you might wonder.

How long does urine stay good, for a drug test?

The answers aren’t as clear-cut as you might hope.

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How Long Does Urine Stay Good For?

Technically, urine tests require on-site sampling.

This means you must urinate into the provided sample cup on site (sometimes monitored) by an official.

However, due to privacy concerns, the monitor often isn’t in the same room as the testee.

So, this has led people to bring false urine or a sample of clean urine into the testing facility.

If kept in cool and dark, outside samples may pass even if they are older.

However, if the sample encountered higher temperatures, it likely will off-gas ammonia, which is testable from most tests.

The truth is, there is no “best before date” for a urine sample.

Does Fake Urine Work?

Urine testing is increasingly sophisticated, and so too are the fake urine products.

But, the jury is out on how effective fake urine is for passing a urine analysis.

Many times as you’ll hear someone successfully passes a test using fake urine, but you often also hear of those who have failed.

Can you really trust the claims of the company selling fake urine?

After all, they want to make money, and their products don’t go through any FDA testing.

Obviously, the federal government doesn’t invest in studies attempting to pass drug tests with fake products.

If you decide to falsify a test, you should realize it is a calculated risk.

You may pass, but you might also fail.

What Does a Urine Test Look for?

A urine test primarily looks for the metabolites of drugs.

These are the molecules lingering from drug use, which once they pass through the liver, turn into a secondary compound.

For example, THC turns into THC-COOH, which is the molecule a urine analysis is designed to catch.

Urine tests have gotten much more sophisticated recently and now look for a number of defining features to ensure the sample is real.

These include:


Agitation leading to bubbles

Creatine (which is naturally produced by the kidneys)

pH level

Specific Gravity

If you aren't providing real urine, it is challenging to falsify a test.


What Temperature Does Urine Have to Be to Pass a Test?

But, what if you did have clean urine on hand, is it possible to pass a drug test then?

Theoretically, depending on the protocols leading up to the test, you may be able to pass a test with previously collected urine.

As mentioned, it does need to be the correct temperature.

According to some sources, urine must be between 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit to pass a test.

Some people put together complicated systems to regulate temperature.

This might mean taping a container directly to the body before testing which allows it to reach normal body temperature before use.

It's worth noting, this is a risky idea, and doesn’t necessarily guarantee a negative result.

Can You Freeze Urine for Drug Test?

One quick google, and you’ll quickly note there isn’t a lot of information out there about frozen urine.

Can you theoretically freeze clean urine to pass a drug test?

According to the many reports from online forums, it does seem that freezer urine has worked for many people.

Part of the reason why non-refrigerated or frozen urine fails is that it’s chemical composition changes as it sits on the counter.

When frozen or kept in a fridge, this degradation stops.

So long as you can worm it up beforehand, and can avoid detection while sneaking it in, frozen urine may work.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is precisely what it sounds like.

A complicated mix of ingredients designed to trick a drug test.

As mentioned, fake urine has gotten increasingly sophisticated in response to a better analysis.

There is no telling what test you are facing, or if any brand of fake urine is the appropriate one to pass it.

That said, there is a huge market for counterfeit urine, and many people do see success when they use it.

What Types of Synthetic Urine Work?

Some of the most popular brands of fake urine include UPass, Testclear, and XStream.

Because passing or failing a drug test depends so much on the execution, and the monitoring in place, it's hard to predict if these brands will work for you.

But if your employer doesn’t typically have strict monitoring protocols, and you follow the instructions precisely, there is a chance.

After all, many other people have reported success using fake urine.

Remember, synthetic urine needs to be the same temperature as real urine as it exits your body.

Temperature is just as important as chemical composition.

Get the Right Tools for the Job

Lucky for you, there are thousands of other people facing drug tests in their future.

These entrepreneurial folks have come up with helpful kits to help you sneak in synthetic urine.

For example, try on a pair of new underwear, with a hidden pocket.

The pocket keeps the fake or clean urine secret, and also warm.

You can also get temperature test strips, placed on the outside of the urine container, to ensure your clean sample is the correct temperature before use.

If you are going to try to fake a result, you might as well invest in all the right tools for the job.

What’s the Best Way to Pass a Urine Test?

The only true way to pass a test is to get clean.

Most substances take only a few days to pee clear, while cannabis may take up to 10 to 14 days.

You can keep a handful of urine testing kits at home to help guarantee your progress.

Leading up to your routine schedule test at work, keep testing yourself to make sure you will pass.

This should help take the stress off, and avoid the complicated process of sourcing, prepping and concealing clean or fake samples.

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