How Much THC Is In Reggie? It’s a Lot Less Than You’d Expect

In the marijuana world, Reggie has a reputation.

While its color may vary, this grade C strain of Sativa appears dark green or even brown on some occasions.

In the parlance of the pot community that translates to what is commonly called schwag—the ubiquitous dope consisting more of seeds and stems than buds.

Reggie has a sweet almost skunk-like smell but gives off a heady high that also leads most of its users searching for the fridge shortly after smoking it.

This makes Reggie a very popular variety for newbie stoners, or those lacking the funds for stickier, kinder strains.

What makes Reggie what it is?

Well, the way that it is grown and handled are geared towards mass production, so quality is very low.

So, just how much THC Is In Reggie?

Let’s find out.


What is THC??

THC is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component of cannabis.

In other words, THC is responsible for the "high" factor found in Reggie and all marijuana for that matter.

As a result of this, marijuana and THC have become somewhat synonymous in the minds of users and non-users alike.

Let us sort out this confusion.

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THC is the compound found in marijuana that interacts with the brain's endocannibinoid receptors.

This interaction is responsible for the euphoric feeling.

The higher the THC content of the plant, the higher the high (No pun intended).

How Much THC Is In Reggie?

Reggie is not known for its THC content, but that does not mean all Reggie is created equal.

While most Reggie only contains a small amount of THC, roughly 2%, some can contain moderate to high levels.

Although that is the exception and not the rule.

Even relatively good Reggie is unlikely to break the 10% THC mark.

To put it in perspective, the best strains of marijuana have anywhere from 18-25%THC.

Reggie, therefore, is like the mediocre, often overlooked middle child.

Not rebellious but not a straight "A" student either.

Just a Regular Reg wondering what all this fuss is over the "Marsha, Marsha, Marsha" syndrome associated with typical Kush weed.

What Are Its Benefits?

Mass produced, low THC weed like Reggie is easy to find and afford.

Like marijuana in general, the THC in Reggie is a natural panacea.

As marijuana laws have started to loosen over the last decade or two, serious discussions have emerged on the medicinal benefits of THC.

It can be used among many other things too:

  • reduce stress
  • combat anxiety
  • treat depression
  • stimulate appetite
  • sleeping aid

While Reggie is not generally found in any marijuana dispensary, it still holds the reputation as the weed of and for the people.

It comes up from Mexico penetrating all major US markets with its all too familiar dark green, seedy presence.

This makes Reggie exceedingly easy to get a hold of for very little funds.

Not to mention, Reggie can be used as a cheap alternative for medicinal purposes.

What Are Some Of Its Disadvantages?

With every good comes a bad.

Let’s be honest, it sucks.

Here’s some of its baggage:

  • seeds exceed leaves
  • low THC content
  • produces dry mouth
  • bad taste
  • often sprayed with chemicals

For a more in-depth analysis of the pitfalls to avoid while enjoying Reggie, visit WebMD's article spelling out some of its risks.

Reggie is the most common type of weed there is.

It’s grown rapidly and poorly, so seeds are abundant.

These seeds draw the plant's resources from the buds where the THC is contained and transfers it into the seeds.

This results in Reggie's poor quality but also its abundance. This, subsequently, is what drives its price down.

Users beware, however.

Reggie is often sprayed with chemicals to either mask its smell while smuggling it into the States or to preserve the crop as cargo.

This results in users inhaling the sprayed weed, which has been known to produce headaches as a substantial after-effect.

While this process may preserve the weed, it taints the THC itself.

All in all, however, the benefits of marijuana make it a natural choice for those willing to explore its inherent value.


So, how much THC is in Reggie?

Enough to make it a household name not just in the States, but throughout the entire pot-smoking world.

But, the reason it’s most known is because of how cheap it is.

Since it’s grown poorly and then handled poorly, you can buy bags for a lot less.

If you’re in a pinch, the 2% THC levels can tie you over.

But with cannabis with over 25% now you'll experience a much cleaner high, that last a lot longer too if you choose chronic over Reggie.

So you smoke Reggie anymore?

If so, we’d love to hear why in the comments below!

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