How Long Should You Hold a Hit in? The Myth Busted!?

For years smokers have always said you should hold in your smoke as long as you can to get the most out of it, but is that true?

Simply put, no it’s not.

We now have access to scientific studies that show that not only does holding in your smoke not do what it is we’ve always thought it did but that it can, in fact, have adverse effects on our bodies.

What the Studies Have Taught Us

The findings of multiple scientific studies have shown us that prolonged breath holding does not substantially enhance the effects of inhaled smoke.

Instead, it significantly increases our Carbon Dioxide absorption and has a minimal effect on our heart.

So basically, in plain English, the headrush you get from holding in your hits is solely derived from depriving your brain of Oxygen.

What Holding in Smoke is Doing to You

Not only does holding in smoke deprive your brain of the Oxygen it needs, but it also is allowing your lungs to absorb all of the tar and carcinogens from the smoke.

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It’s Just a Myth Guys...

So next time one of your smoke buddies tries to call you out for not holding in your smoke, lay a little education on them.

Teach them that holding in your hits, is a myth and nothing more then something you only do when you're playing smoking games.

Holding your smoke in your lungs for just a few seconds (3-5 seconds) is plenty long enough for your lungs to absorb all of the good while absorbing a minimal amount of the bad.

Also, you’ll be doing their brain a big favor by allowing it to get the proper amount of Oxygen that it needs.

There is, after all, a reason why our bodies dispose of Carbon Dioxide vs. absorbing it.

Tony Hand Jr

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