How to Smoke Wax Without a Rig or Torch

We love smoking wax out of an oil rig, but it may not be the most portable or convenient way to enjoy your concentrates.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy some dabs on-the-go.

And if our rig breaks, we just have to sit on our wax until we visit a headshop.

No, because today you’re going to learn how to smoke wax without a rig.

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Smoking Wax Out of a Bowl

You can smoke wax out of any bowl mechanism such as a bubbler, bong, or a spoon pipe.

For a complete list of pipes that would work click here.

First, you need to pack the bowl halfway with bud.

Using a metal dabber, place the wax on top of the flower.

Then place more weed on top of the wax.

You don’t want to place the wax on top of the weed and have it sitting directly on top when you light.

Because if the wax comes into contact with the flame, it will instantly change the substance's composition.

Doing so will water down your wax effect, lessening the potency of its THC content.  

Now you have an Oreo cookie of cannabis with the chocolate wafers being the bud and the wax is the yummy, creamy center.

How to Smoke Wax Without a Rig Using a Joint 

Another tried and true method of smoking cannabis, rolling up a joint is a great way to enjoy some wax while you’re making moves.

To do this, you need the old faithful, some bud and rolling papers, and of course the wax.

Seeing as wax is so potent, this is an ideal time to put some old roaches to good use.

Just like you learned in Joint Rolling 101 (sign me up for that course), place the paper crease-side up.

Now, sprinkle some cannabis onto the rolling paper along with a roach.

From there, place some wax on top of the weed.

Just like I mentioned above, you don’t want the wax near the open flame.

Therefore, don’t place the wax too close the side you plan on sparking.

Lastly, you need to roll the joint.

While you may be a J-rolling conoussier, this is a bit more difficult than your run-of-the-mill roll.

Wax is very sticky, making it a bit of a pain to work with.

So when you roll, proceed with caution to avoid tearing the paper.

Once you roll up, light up, and enjoy.

Smoking Wax with a Vape Pen

This process isn't as simple as the old-fashioned bowl or joint method.

First and foremost, you need to make sure that the vaporizer is compatible with wax.

To ensure this, the vaporizer needs an atomizer that you can disconnect from the battery so that you can have full access to the coils.

Many models of vaporizers come with an atomizer that is attached to a cartridge, making it impossible to slip the wax in.

When you have the correct vape pen, separate the atomizer from the battery, and grab a small amount of wax with a metal dabber.

Place the wax onto the unheated coil, but try to prevent direct contact between the metal dabber and the coil so that your pen doesn't get damaged.

From there, hit the button on the battery chamber to turn the pen on.

Reconnect the atomizer to the battery, then attach the mouthpiece onto the atomizer.

Press and hold the button to draw in the vape.

Make sure you draw slooowly.

If you inhale the vapor too quickly, it lowers the overall temperature of the dab and produces less vapor.

Last pro tip, keep your mouth open slightly as you inhale.

This will prevent any strain on your throat as you smoke.

Smoking Wax with a Healthstone

This is a less conventional, but still effective way of smoking wax.

A hearthstone is compatible with your typical bowl, pipe or bong.

It’s made up of glass and contains a porous surface that filters your hit.

You simply place the healthstone into your bowl.

Once the healthstone is in place, put a dab of wax on top.

Using a butane torch, heat the healthstone.

Toke as you would do if you were using an oil rig.

Even if you’re using your healthstone with a bong, take a small hit.

Wax goes a lot further than weed, so don’t get carried away ripping away at the pipe.

Smoking Wax with a Hot Knife

While perhaps the most unconventional and least known of the ways to enjoy wax, using a hot knife is the simplest, and, not to mention, the cheapest.

This is perfect because every household has a knife.

So, this method is perfect when you don't have anything to smoke out of.

To start, turn on the stove top.

This will work for either electric or gas stoves.

Place a dab of wax on top of a quarter, and cut the bottom off of a water bottle.

Hold the water bottle in your mouth and a butter knife on the heat source (whether it be a flame or lit up electric coils).

As soon as the knife heats up apply it to the wax, it will instantaneously vaporize.

When this happens, place your face above the vapor, and inhale using the water bottle as a funnel.

Be sure to proceed with caution.

Knives are made out of metal, which is a heat conductor.

Doing this method makes you more susceptible to injuring or burning yourself.

While this is a rather simple method, you do have little control over where the vapor disappears.

In open air, vapor will dissipate which can make for smaller hits.

To combat the unpredictability of the vapor, you can guide the smoke by using a funnel, straw, or the top half of plastic bottle.

When using those tools, do so with caution.

Plastic is a nasty material that you don’t want to burn and it’s harmful to the body to inhale it.


Learning how to smoke wax without a rig is easy enough.

There are more than a few ways to do it.

Whether you choose to roll it in a blunt or joint, or knife hit wax, make sure to respect your tolerance.

And, if you want a concentrate that you really want to take with you on the go then you NEED to get a pen.

You can load them with wax or oil.

What’s your favorite way to smoke wax without a rig?

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