Using Leafly Vs Weedmaps for Your Business

We are a long way from the days of past, selling weed in basements, back alleys, and behind locked doors.

Marijuana sales have moved out into the open, and dispensaries are finding themselves in uncharted territory.

To stand out from the crowded marketplace, you’ve got to advertise your business to the masses, using new and powerful resources.

Most of the time that means subscribing to the Weedmaps or Leafly formula.

What is better?

Leafly versus Weedmaps?

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Why Should You Advertise With Leafly or Weedmaps in the First Place?

Everyone uses online resources to make their purchasing decisions.

We search for Trip Advisor reviews before going on a trip.

We search for Yelp Reviews before eating at a new restaurant.

We even look up movie reviews on Rotten Tomatoes before watching a new movie on Netflix.

It is crucial for any new businesses, cannabis or otherwise, to market themselves through the appropriate channels.

Weedmaps and Leafly are the most prominent names out there concerning the weed industry.

Use them to your advantage to reach more customers.

Is Leafly or Weedmaps Better?

It's a tough call to declare either one of these websites a winner in the fight to dominate the cannabis industry.

In some areas of the world, Weedmaps is used more, while in others it’s Leafly.

They both have different business models which offer different types of services to their customer base as well.

Weedmaps seems to focus more on location, and product information, while Leafly has dominated the cannabis-information market.

There is some indication that Weedmaps is more expensive to advertise on, but this is very circumstantial and may vary significantly depending on region and expected reach.

As a dispensary do your research before launching a campaign with either website.

Who is Weedmaps?

Weedmaps is the Tripadvisor of cannabis.

A central location to discover dispensaries in your community, or while traveling.

It’s a place to look up brand and product information, as well as where you can find it.

Its community based and encourages active participation from its members, both customers, and suppliers.

Weedmaps has a mobile application, online platform, and a powerful Google-maps style search tool, so you can quickly and easily find the closest dispensary with the products you love.

If you want your business noticed, you’ll need to get a free account on Weedmaps.

Who is Leafly?

Leafly is a bit different than Weedmaps, at least regarding the type of information they collect and share.

Primarily, they built themselves as a reliable resource for cannabis information.

They collect strain information and analysis, scientific research and more.

They’ve also branched out to include dispensary information, including reviews and where to find them.

Leafly allows consumer reviews of suppliers, products, and individual strains.

Their primary focus is on supplying accurate, up to date information for anyone needing it, about marijuana.

Their second focus is to help customers find a reliable supplier.

What are the Standout Features of Weedmaps?

Weedmaps places your dispensary on the map for customers to find and review.

But, they have a few other features which can help your business stand out including:

Give real-time inventory updates to customers on strains, edibles, and brands.

Advertising opportunities for your dispensary, including sales.

Information about popular products and strains in your area, so you can adequately stock your shelves based on consumer demand.

Detailed information about your competition, including their brands, hours of operation, and reviews.

When used smartly, the public information on Weedmaps is a powerful competitive edge.

What are the Standout Features of Leafly?

Leafly has long been the go too destination for weed-advice and recommendations.

Their strain information is in depth, and reliable, including cannabinoids and terpene details, possible medical applications, and the overall experience.

They also allow real-time inventory updates if you choose to include that on your dispensary profile.

Leafly allows consumers to comment on all aspects of the industry, including the customer service at their local dispensary, or the effects of a particular strain.

They have also recently launched an expansive Leafly TV database of informative videos.

How Do You List Your Dispensary on Weedmaps?

Even if you haven’t filled out an application, Weedmaps may have already located your dispensary and listed it.

But your profile is likely going to be a bit bare.

To flush it out, and make it more attractive to potential clients, you’ll want to sign up for a free account, and possibly sign up for a pro account.

Add as much information about your business as possible, giving your future customers detailed information about types of products sold, operating hours, and

Does your dispensary already have reviews?

Be sure to respond to this promptly, to demonstrate engagement and solve any issues with customer service.

How Do You List Your Dispensary on Leafly?

Chances are, even if you’ve never signed up to Leafly, you’ll have a stand-in dispensary profile already created.

Take over this empty account, and build a powerful name for yourself through a customer-focused profile.

Link inventory, respond to customer reviews and advertise up to 10 deals per week, all under your dispensary profile.

If you want to expand your reach, Leafly also offers many advertising options for dispensaries and brands alike.

Sign up with Leafly, to speak with a representative about bigger and better packages.

Who Reaches More Potential Customers?

According to the data, there is a significant difference between Leafly and Weedmaps for monthly traffic.

Leafly, in the Fall of 2018, had roughly 16.1 million monthly visits.

Approximately 64 percent from American searchers, eight percent from Canadians, and the rest from others.

Weedmaps had less than half the number of visits of Leafly, hovering just below eight million monthly visits.

The vast majority of which were from Americans (85 percent), and about nine percent Canadian.

How Much is it to Advertise on Weedmaps Per Month?

This information isn’t publicly posted by Weedmaps.

Dispensaries are encouraged to sign up and contact a representative to explore options above the ones in a free profile.

According to some public posts, the cost that Weedmaps charges brands ranges anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 per month to advertise.

Other people have reported $600 to $1000 depending on the size of the region the dispensary is looking to cover.

This likely depends on the market and presumably the level of advertising the company was looking for.

There is not much information available about what a dispensary may be charged to boost their profile, products, or additional sales.

How Much is it to Advertise on Leafly Per Month?

Leafly operates a similar model, but based on the available reviews it is a cheaper monthly charge if you wish to upgrade.

Again, the charge your dispensary might incur is worked out directly with Leafly through contact with a sales representative.

Advertising typically is charged based on the number of impressions, while dispensaries are charged based on the size of their market and where they sit on the listings.

One person reported getting charged $3,000 per month for Leafly to list their dispensary at number three on the local listings.

This will likely be dramatically different depending on location, level of service, and expected reach.

Do Consumers Prefer Weedmaps or Leafly?

Without trying to sound like a broken record, it depends on where your business is located.

Have you done a survey from your customers about what services they use, and where they find out about you?

You can also check each website, to see who has more information on dispensaries in your area.

If other dispensaries in your area are spending their hard earned cash on these websites, it goes without saying that you should too.

If you need to pay to boost your reach and exposure through one or both of these websites, it should reflect in your sales.

Do Leafly and Weedmaps Have Other Competition?

Over the years, many other companies have tried and failed to build a similar business to Leafly and Weedmaps.

Massroots is one example among many which are carving out a name for itself as a place to find detailed dispensary and strain information.

Should you sign up for these lesser-known customer tools as well?

Do your research about whether or not the search tool is used in your area.

Also, if the website offers a free account, it never hurts to upload helpful information to match the details you’ve already posted on Leafly and Weedmaps.

Do a customer survey to find out where customers are finding out about your business, and invest accordingly.

Are their Other Ways to Advertise Your Dispensary Business?

Of course!

But, in some areas, you’ll have to get creative.

For example, many companies, Leafly included, are using information as leverage.

Dispensaries often have a blog, or news feed, which is a great way to reach customers who have questions about what you sell.

You can also explore Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, to get the upper edge on the google search engine for local customers.

Don’t forget to open up as many linked social media accounts as possible, including a Youtube channel for relevant content.

As legalization shifts the marketing possibilities, you may even want to hire an official advertising agency to help you out.

Are Weedmaps and Leafly Necessary Where Weed is Legal?

Its an important question to ask.

Weed is legal now in Canada and recreational across many US States.

If dispensaries have more conventional places to get customer reviews and advertise, do they need to pay for specialized services like Leafly or Weedmaps?

Depending on the market, you can advertise on Google, and have updated

Yelp and Tripadvisor are likely not far behind.

These more conventional places might also find the new cannabis market a very profitable area to target - considering its a brand new industry.

Leafly and Weedmaps ability to weather the storm as legalization sweeps around the globe are going to be based on their ability to innovate and provide information over and above these conventional sources.

Is it Illegal to Advertise on Either Website?

You’ll need to know your local laws to find out.

If you are operating a marijuana dispensary in an area that weed is illegal, obviously, it's going to be illegal to advertise.

Some areas also have strict regulations for advertising alcohol, and marijuana, which means you may have to be careful with how you advertise your products or services.

So long as you are following your local area regulations on advertising within the marijuana sector, you’ll likely find its safe, and legal to post listings on either of these websites.

If you have any questions on it, speak with your legal counsel or contact Weedmaps or Leafly’s sales reps.

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