How to make a Homemade Grinder: A Makeshift Grinder for Your Cannabis

Looking to learn how to make a good homemade grinder?

I gathered a bunch of the best methods to make a homemade grinder, which will have you grinding up herbs in no time!

If you have the time to wait for a grinder to arrive in the mail, check out our grinder guide here after you're don'e making your homemade grinder.


Knife and Chopping Board

Probably the simplest homemade grinder—with items you’re almost guaranteed to have laying around the house—is to use a knife and a cutting board.

The idea behind it is simple, just think of making a salad!

Place the herbs you’re grinding on the cutting board and chop away with the knife.

Small Scissors and Shot Glass

Scissors and a shot glass is the favorite of many, including Tupac, believe it or not.

The concept is pretty self-explanatory, place your herbs in the shot glass and cut it up with the scissors.

Depending on the herbs you’re grinding, the scissors can gunk up pretty fast, but all you will have to do is scrape em’ clean, and they’re ready to go another round.

Medicine Bottle/Film Canister and Coin

This homemade grinder method is awesome because it doubles as a storage container as well.

All you have to do its place your herbs in the bottle (it can be a medicine bottle, film canister, etc.) and place a nickel or two in there, shake it up and be amazed how well your herbs were ground.

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Box and Wire Mesh

This method calls on your inner Bob the Builder.

If you have a smooth wooden box lying around then great, if not, then you can make a box as well.

If you have a box already, then buy a small amount of wire mesh and either nails or hot glue.

What you’re going to do is place the wire mesh on the top of the lower half of the box.

This works by you rubbing your herbs on the mesh, making the ground herbs fall to the bottom of the box where they can be collected.


  • Cut the mesh to half the size of the box and either nail or glue it to the top of the bottom of the box.

You want the mesh only to cover half of the box so that you can grab your herbs from the bottom of the box.

Chewing Tobacco Can w/Thumb Tacks or Screws

Do you or one of your friends dip chewing tobacco?

If so, this homemade grinder can put the empty chewing tobacco can to good use!

This method can be done a few different ways. You can either use screws, thumbtacks, or even staples.

To make this grinder, screw in your screws or pop in your tacks in both the bottom piece and lid of the can.

This is the closest way to make a grinder at home that somewhat resembles a store bought grinder.

The trick to this method is to make sure that you place your screws where, when you twist the grinder, they don’t collide and, instead, they grind your herbs!

Two large Bottle Caps w/Screws

This is the same method as using a chewing tobacco can, except, a little more ghetto.

However, you’re probably more likely to have two large bottle lids laying around than a tobacco can if you don’t dip.

Pro Tip: Gatorade bottle lids work the best for this method.

A Fork as a Homemade Grinder?

Now, if you haven’t had what you need just laying around to make any of the previous suggestions, then I am almost willing to guarantee that you will at least have a fork.

After all, for this grinder, it’s all you need. That’s right: a fork.

All you do to make this way work is place the fork upside down on a table and scrape your herbs along prongs of the fork, and the ground up herb will fall nicely to the table.

This way works best when what you’re grinding is a little bit on the dryer side.

Pepper Grinder

I know what you’re thinking, that a pepper grinder isn’t a homemade grinder. It is, however, a quick alternative to a store bought grinder that might already be sitting in your cabinet.

How to use it as a grinder is easy.

Place your herbs in the pepper grinder and twist.

Coffee Grinder

This is more of an alternative to a traditional grinder, but if you are a coffee connoisseur, then chances are you have an electric coffee bean grinder.

It will double just fine as a herb grinder, just operate it the same way you would grinding coffee beans.

Ped Egg

I am going to start off by saying, please for the love of god don’t use a Ped Egg that has been used on feet…

However, if you do have a new Ped Egg not being used, you can use it to grind your herbs using the same technique as you would shredding cheese.

Of course, you can always use your fingers to grind with, but where’s the creativity is that?

Plus, using your fingers can be counter-productive—I’ll just leave it at that.

Have tried making any of these homemade grinders?

What’s your favorite? ​

Do you have a method I didn’t bring up here? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hello, thank you for your articles. Very handy. Ive got a question. I just put 1 tsp of pure organic honey per gallon of water in my DWC Hydro system. Will the added carbs help my bud production? Kinda like a homemade “Big Bud” from Advanced Nutrients? Thank you very much for your input!!


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