Pax 2 Vs Pax 3: The Complete Side by Side Comparison

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If you are in the market for a weed vaporizer, chances are you’re in the market for a Pax.

Pax has been around for over a decade and is by now a well-established and respected vape brand.

With the launch of their innovative new Pax 3 portable vaporizer, it’s harder than ever to make a purchasing decision.

The following is an in-depth comparison of the Pax 2 versus the Pax 3.

It’s everything you need to know to make your decision.


Who is Pax?

Originally founded in 2007, Pax is now an award-winning consumer technology brand.

They build some of the best portable cannabis vaporizers in the world.

From loose leaf to oils, to concentrates, their line of products covers all kinds of vaping experiences.

Their sleek, modern design stands out from the crowd and has been reviewed by the likes of the Rolling Stone, Green Rush Daily, and others.

If you’ve heard of any vape brands, it’s highly likely it was Pax.

What Technology Does Pax Use?

There are many, many, new ways to vape herb.

The Pax heating element is a thin film Kapton heater flex, specially designed for even, consistent heating.

The technology uses a little known scientific phenomena called conduction.

It is the transfer of heat, via microscopic collisions of particles.

A good example of how this works in real life is the way a pot handle gets hot even though it is not sitting directly on a heating element.

This is how Pax heats up the cannabis for vaporization, without actually touching the herb itself.

Both Pax 2 and Pax 3 vaporizers use the same patented technology in the device.

Which one is Better Pax 2 or Pax 3?

If you’ve got the budget, the Pax 3 is a great upgrade.

It comes with a number of new features, that a cannabis vape enthusiast will enjoy, and solves many of the problems people experienced with the older version.

That said, many Pax users still love their old version.

The higher cost of the new vape device doesn’t make it a worthwhile investment for the budget conscious.

But, if you love to customize the vaping experience, and have a few extra dollars laying around, you’ll want to go ahead and grab the newest in the series of Pax vaporizers.


A Quick Review of the Features of the Pax 2

Before getting into the nitty-gritty details of the differences, why not get an in-person review from an expert who has the product in hand?

Vape Critic is the go-to source for an honest review of all things vape related.

He covers the improvements the Pax 2 made on the original product and demonstrates some of the great features Pax changed.

He looks at both the positive and negative features of the Pax 2.

A Quick Review of the Improved Features of the Pax 3

For consistency's sake, we are going to rely on Vape Critic once again for a review of the Pax 3.

Here he compares the Pax 3 upgrades to the Pax 2 features.

Spoiler alert, he is very pleased with the improvements, although he doesn’t like the color options initially released.

In the video review, like with the Pax 2, he demonstrates how to use the device and looks at the new features rolled out in the latest model.

Let’s Summarize the Major Changes between Pax 2 and Pax 3

We’ll go over these with a fine tooth come later, but for now, let’s cover the essential differences between the two versions.

The Pax 3 has improved all areas of battery, from power to charging time to the length of charge.

The Pax 3 offers a higher level of control over temperatures, and the heating time is halved.

Pax 3 rolls out a connected mobile app to fully customize your vaping experience, but the Pax 2 only allows for a few preset temperatures.

Both the Pax 2 and 3 have the same size chamber and two different mouthpieces

All About the Pax 2

The Pax 2 is designed for use with only dry herb.

If you are looking for a concentrate vape experience, you’ll have to upgrade.

The Pax 2 comes with two different mouthpieces, including both a flat and raised version.

The kit also includes a charging dock, a cleaning kit, and an oven lid.

It has four different temperature settings, between 360 and 420° F.

The device weighs only 3.35 oz and is roughly 4 inches high, 1.5 inches wide and less than an inch thick.

It fits perfectly into the palm of your hand.

Although other colors may be available from third-party resellers, Pax now only makes it in silver and black.

All About the Pax 3 Upgraded Version

The Pax 3 made a few key improvements to the older version.

First, it works with concentrates, provided you invest in the full package of accessories.

Second, it provides users almost complete control over the temperature and time settings through an integrated mobile app.

If you want to nerd-out over your vaping experience, you’ll have at least 60 settings to experiment with.

The device also includes a few subtle changes to the oven, and oven accessories, while improving on heat up time.

It takes only 22 seconds from start to finish to heat the conduction element.

What is the Price of the Pax 2?

If you want to stay on budget, you’ll likely want to keep the Pax 2.

From the Pax website, the Pax 2 is listed at a cool $149.99.

You may be able to find it cheaper, or on sale, but be warned about counterfeit devices.

Because Pax is one of the leading cannabis vape products, it's also the one companies love to replicate.

Buy from a reputable source to avoid fake Pax 2’s, which may have safety issues or use toxic materials.

Again, if the price is going to be an issue for you, and you only want to smoke loose weed, the Pax 2 is the best bang for your buck.

What is the Price of the Pax 3?

Just like we see in the cell phone market, new devices are going to cost you more.

Thankfully, unlike the cell phone market, Pax isn’t trying to rip off its customers with highly inflated prices.

The basic Pax 3 kit, including the device, the charger, and app connectivity, is $199.99.

If you want to move into vaping concentrates, the additional features and add-ons are going to cost you.

The Complete Kit is $249.99.

Again, you might be able to find something a bit cheaper depending on the seller, but look out for cheap knock-offs.

Is There a Difference in Warranty Between the New and Old Version?

In fact, there is a significant difference in warranty between the two devices.

The Pax 2 automatically comes with a two-year limited warranty, straight from the manufacturer.

The Pax 3 on the other hand, is five times as long.

It offers a ten-year limited warranty - which is a substantial improvement over the original.

The super-extended warranty may be one consideration you take into account your purchasing decision.

Although, it’s worth thinking about whether or not you expect to use the same vaporizer in a decade or not.

The cannabis market is rapidly evolving, and presumably, the vape devices will too.

What are the Visible Differences Between Pax 2 and 3?

Visibly, the Pax 2 and the Pax 3 look remarkably similar.

They have the same, smooth, sleek design which fit comfortably in the palm of your hand and store discreetly in a pocket or purse.

The Pax 3 is minimally larger, sitting at a little over four inches high, but it weighs exactly the same as it's older cousin.

The Pax 3 moved away from the brushed, matte metal finish and instead showcased a line of shiny metallic options.

However, the matted look has made a come back in newer releases.

How did Pax 2 Improve From the Earlier Model?

The brand made significant and visible improvements between the original Pax design and the Pax 2.0 upgrade.

They most notably made it smaller and more compact than its predecessor.

It's also much lighter than the original.

The other notable change is the removal of the mouthpiece.

Instead, the mouthpiece was flattened into a sleeker profile, although the Pax two still comes with a second mouthpiece attachment.

Technology-wise, they introduced lip-sensing tech to turn on the heat when it senses skin touching the mouthpiece.

The chamber is a bit smaller in the newer model, but only slightly so.

How did Pax 3 Improve From the Earlier Model?

The Pax 3 made all the right adjustments and listened to the opinion of its customers.

First, it only takes 22 seconds to heat up, instead of the 40 plus seconds of the Pax 2.

Second, it connected users to the device through the Pax mobile app.

Instead of adding more buttons and destroying the simple aesthetically pleasing design, Pax developed an integrated mobile app control interface.

Instead of getting stuck in one of four temperature settings, users can experiment with over 60.

Are Differences Between the Battery Life of Pax 2 and Pax 3?

The older Pax 2 contains a 3,000mAh Battery, which was still an impressive improvement over the original.

The new version, the Pax 3, made even more improvements to the battery.

The Pax 3 contains a boosted 3,500mAh Battery.

One charge on the Pax 2 can typically cover 90 minutes of use.

But with one charge on the Pax 3, it should stay strong for eight to ten sessions, depending on how you vape

It takes roughly one hour to charge the Pax 3 fully and longer for the Pax 2.

The Biggest Game Changer is the Pax 3 Concentrate Kit

Although Pax is one of the most established names in vaping, it missed the mark and forgot to include extracts in the Pax 2 design.

More and more people are looking for a purer, more potent experience by using concentrates.

There are aftermarket additions and accessories which let a Pax 2 user dabble in extracts, but these weren't always effective.

Now Pax 3 has a full concentrate kit, with everything you’ll need to start vaping waxes, oils, shatters and more.

With the improved temperature control, there is also perfect control of the extract vaping experience.

What is the Pax Mobile App?

You might be wondering why the addition of the Mobile application is such a big move for a vape company.

Well, now you are in control over your vaping experience.

Temperature settings, to protect and boost the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes of different strains and extracts.

A novel lock-out feature, protecting your device from unwanted use (likely a handy feature for anyone with children).

The app also lets you manage the flavor and vape output in a way that works for you.

Importantly, the app puts this control in an easy to use app, not with a complicated series of buttons on the device.

It is vaping technology at its best.

What are Some Common Complaints About the Pax 2

It’s all well and good to discuss the impressive new features of a product, but it's also essential to explore the common issues.

While the Pax 2 made significant improvements over the original, there are a few small issues which still needed attention.

One is the need to frequently clean the oven and tray, to prevent a build-up of residue.

Other users reported that the new mouthpiece tended to trap vapor, and therefore odor, even when not in use.

This meant, the next time they went to draw from it, there was stale and unpleasant aroma lingering around.

What are Some Common Complaints About the Pax 3?

Even with the new and improved 3.0 version, users still complain about the relative stinkiness of this vape, when compared to other models.

Another complaint is the metallic finish.

It tends to look grubby with use, and its susceptible to scratches.

Considering the cost of the device, this doesn’t demonstrate quality.

Otherwise many of the common complaints of the Pax 2 seem to have been adequately addressed with the Pax 3 upgrades.

Including the mouthpiece, the addition of concentrates, and the battery issues.

How to Improve the Vaping Experience of the Pax 2

Because the Pax 2 is exclusively for use with loose leaf cannabis, most of the suggestions to improve the experience come down to the handling of the weed.

So grind the weed as fine as possible, and pack it down tightly enough to form a puck.

Getting a little puck to form also makes it easy to flip the weed halfway through the session.

While flipping isn't necessary for the Pax 3 model, many people seem to get more out of the product in a Pax 2 when they flip the puck.

When drawing from the Pax 2, calmly and evenly inhale.

Do not try to overdraw as this will overwhelm the small heater.

And, how to Improve the Vaping Experience of the Pax 3

When using loose leaf, always ensure a super-fine grind of cannabis goes into the oven.

This means that there is better airflow and more consistent vaporization.

You’ll also want to use the handy Pax supplied multi-tool or the lid itself, to tightly pack down the product.

Again, this helps maintain consistency.

And while some devices will need a quick stir every once in a while to guarantee all the product is used, it's likely not necessary with the Pax 3.

If you are using concentrates, a word to the wise… don’t overfill them!

A Quick Tutorial on the Pax 2

If you’ve purchased the Pax 2 - here are a few steps on how to use it for the first time.

First, choose either the raised or the flat mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece should easily pop out if you want to switch.

Second, fill the chamber with loose leaf cannabis and pack tightly.

Third, press the only button on the device and wait for it to heat up.

The purple LED light will flutter for about 45 seconds until turning green.

Once green, it's ready to go.

Pull gently on the mouthpiece, a cigar like inhale is best.

And Now, A Quick How to Guide on the Pax 3

First, load the chamber with either finely ground weed or the concentrate lid with a suitable concentrate.

Pack down the loose leaf, or secure the concentrate lid to the device.

Press and hold the button to choose the temperature setting.

As the temperature cycles through the four main settings, you’ll see individual leaves light up.

The more leaves, the higher the temperature.

Once the setting is achieved, press the button again, and the heating element heats up.

When green, it’s ready to inhale the vapor.

Again, go easy when you start and gain experience with the nuances device.

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