Puff Pack Review: The Premium Club

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Our friends over at Puff Pack came out with a brand new Premium Pack, so you know we had to take a look at it.

We’ve known that Puff Pack is one of the best subscription box services in the game.

But, thanks to their new pack, they offer something for everyone.

Not only do they offer their standard (read: awesome) packs that allow you to fully customize them from 1-unlimited items, but now you can get premium glass sent to you every month as well.

We were sent one of the new Premium Packs from Puff Pack in exchange for our opinion on their latest product, so let’s see what we thought.


What Does the Premium Pack Offer?

So, what exactly is their Premium Pack, and what all comes in it?

This box alone is enough to have you smoking all month long.

You’re guaranteed $120 in value each month for just $90, so you’re in effect getting a 33% off discount on everything the pack comes with.

This is what you can expect in each box:

  • 420® Premium Glass Cleaner
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • RAW Black Rolling Papers®
  • RAW Filter Tips®
  • Glass & Silver Bowl Screens
  • High Hemp® Wraps
  • Hemp Wick
  • Cyclones® Pre-Rolls
  • Herb Humidifier & Freshener Pack: Boost®
  • Clipper Lighter®
  • Doob Tube®
  • Plus, a piece of premium glass each month.

You can tell that Puff Pack cares for their customers by looking at the products they offer you.

Nothing but the name brands that you can trust like RAW, Formula 420 and Doob Tube.

Plus, the wraps are some of my favorites.

The High Hemp wraps are vegan, 100% organic hemp, GMO-free and infused with CBD.

And their filter tips make them easy to roll, not to mention they smoke good too.

What was most impressive, though, was precisely what we hoped would be—the glass.

The piece we got was a good size (over 7”) and was gorgeous.

It had a direct inject downstem leading to two sideways barrel percs.

It can be used as either a dab rig since it has a male joint, or use it for flower thanks to the female bowl they provided.

Most of the other stuff that we got was your pretty standard stuff that you would expect.

Papers, tips and hemp wick to name a few.

The bong cleaner you get each month is a nice touch, and its Formula 420, some of the best cleaner there is.

The humidifier packs were excellent too.

It’s one of those things that you didn’t know you needed, but now that you’ve tasted it you can’t get enough.

The Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Their Premium Pack will give you everything you need to smoke for a month, and you’ll probably even have some stuff left over each month.
  • You get a new top shelf piece of glass each month. The glass will be thick and sexy, and what’s better than that?
  • Puff Pack allows you to completely customize your box thanks to their unlimited add-ons. If you are a heavy blunt smoker, you can add enough wraps for an entire month to your box—at a steep discount still, too.
  • You don’t have to worry about receiving a box full of broken glass. We’ve received a couple from Puff Pack now, and each time the glass was packaged exceptionally well.

The Cons

  • When compared side by side with other boxes, the value promised seems a little small. For instance, one of their competitor's boxes sell for around the same price but promises $150-250 in value with every box. But these are just promises. Check and see for yourself which one will offer the most value for YOU. 


The Premium Pack is a box that delivers a piece of top shelf glass every month.

You won’t find another subscription box service that will let you add to your box till you have everything you could want.

Everything in the box was a high-quality product from some of the best name brands in the industry.

If you want a box that you can shape to meet your exact needs, then you won’t be disappointed if you give Puff Pack a shot.

Tony Hand Jr

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