48 Smoking Games That Will Get You To The Highest Level!

While smoking is thought of as something chill you do with your friends, there are tons of awesome smoking games out there.

Believe it or not:

Weed games make smoking with friends more fun than it already is!

I have compiled a list of 48 smoking games that are sure to be a hit nest time you whip out your bong with your friends!

Click the "Jump to a Specific Smoking Game" button to open the table of contents and jump to a specific game or just stroll through all of the games!

M​exican Sweat/Chicago

This game takes on many names, but the rules are the same no matter where you might be.

Gather all of your friends in a circle, roll up some of your finest, light it up, and take a hit.

After the first person takes a hit, they hold the smoke in and pass it to the next player in the circle.

The objective of the game is to hold the smoke in until the cigar makes it back to you.

If you exhale or cough before it makes it was back to you, then you’re out!

The game goes until there is one player left standing.

Ash Bomb

Another simple yet fun game.

All you need is a group of smokers and a rolled up cigarette.

The objective of the game is not to allow the ash to drop during your turn, if the ash does drop on your turn, you’re out.

The winner is the last smoker standing.


This is a popular one that can get out of hand quickly.

The rules are simple: gather some players and turn on Bob Marley’s song “Jammin.”

Every time he sings the word “Jammin” everybody has to smoke. 

Last person standing wins!

Bong Races

The objective of bong races is to win the race!

The smokers that are going to race need to have bongs and bowls that are roughly the same size. 

The winner is the first person to clear the entire bowl. 

This game is best played with a referee to tell the smokers when to start and to declare a winner. 

Even though I don’t think there are any losers in this game 🙂

Strip Choker

For Strip Choker everyone needs to have their own something or other to smoke out of.

It can be hand pipes, water pipes, or what have you.

All players smoke at the same time and hold their hit in.

The first person to cough/exhale has to take off one article of clothing!

All of your friends will enjoy this one!

Smoke Pong/Bong Pong

This smoke game plays exactly like beer pong, except minus the beer!


One vs. One or Two vs. Two

Try and make it into the opposing team's cups with ping bong balls

There are a couple of ways you can play this.

  1. Fill the cups up with water and fill when someone makes a shot either they get to rip the bong or their opponent has to rip the bong. It’s up to you to decide if it’s a punishment to smoke from the bong or not!
  2. Fill the cups with beer, and the opposing team has to drink the beer from the cup while you get to hit the water pipe when you make a shot.

Hold Your Breath

Hold your breath is a great smoking game for those that are looking for something real competitive.

The objective is to be able to hold your smoke in the longest. 

For this game you will need multiple players, something to smoke from, and a stop watch.

Player one takes a drag and as soon as he is done the timer starts.

Once the player begins to exhale the time stops! 

The player with the best time wins the round.

This game is super fun when done in a tournament style with a large number of smokers.


This smoking game will test your mettle. 

To play all you need is a few players and a bunch of smoke. 

The rules of the game are but one: don’t stop smoking.

Keep lighting up and see who can smoke the longest. The last player to tap out wins.

Speed Joint Rolling

To have a speed joint rolling contest you’re going to need a few players that all have one paper and an equal, grinded up, amount of smoke, as well as, a judge with a stop watch.

When the judge says “Go,” the stopwatch starts, and the players begin to roll.

The first player to finish wins.

You can't go wrong with this weed rolling game.

The Running Challenge

This is a great game to play if you are smoking with a group of friends outdoors and want to do something active.

To play this game you need a group of smokers each with their own joint.

All the players form a line and take a huge drag. 

As soon as the player is done inhaling, they drop the joint and sprint as fast as they can.

The objective of the game is to be able to stay on your feet, if you fall or trip you’re out.

This game can be set up like a tournament with one on one races or all out free for alls.

*Warning you can fall a lot during this game so becareful!

Movietime/Smoke Every Time

A smoking game like Movietime is a great chill game you can play anytime you get a group of friends together to watch a movie.

The rules are simple: depending on a movie you lay out a set of rules such as smoke when anyone says “x” or does “x”.

Dude Where’s My Car:

Smoke Every Time:

  1. Anyone says "continuum transfunctioner"
  2. Anyone says “Dude.”
  3. Anyone says "shibby."
  4. The guys uncover something they did last night
  5. Anyone says "car."


Smoke Every Time:

  1. Blade kills a vampire
  2. Whenever Blade draws his sword

The rules will vary depending on the movie just have fun with it!

The Push up Challenge

The Push Up Challenge is a great game for those trying to get a good workout in during their smoke session.

Everybody takes a huge drag and either race to a determined amount of push ups while holding in the smoke or see who can do the most while still holding in their smoke.

Ring Around The…

This is a fun game for those smokers that are good at smoke tricks, or at least, able to blow a decent smoke circle on a consistent basis.

The goal of the game is to pick an object; it could be a penny or evenarock, and blow smoke rings around the object.

To make it even more challenging, you can tape a penny to a string, tie it up, and let it swing back and forth while trying to blowing smoke rings around the moving object!

Speed Quarters

This is essentially playing one of the oldest drinking games, regular speed quarters< with a smoking twist.

To play the game, you need at least 3-4 people, a couple of shot glasses,two quarters, and a water pipe with something to smoke.

Gather everybody in a circle and give one shot glass and one quarter to players on opposite sides of the circle.

When the game starts, the players need to trying and bounce the quarter into the shot glass. 

Once a player makes it in their respective shot glass, then pass the shot glass and quarter to the player on their left. 

This goes on until a player that hasn’t made their quarter yet gets stuck with both shot glasses.

At this point, the player now has to stack the glasses and has one chance to bounce the quarter into the stacked shot glasses.

If the player makes the shot they get to rip the water pipe, and if they miss then the player that caught them gets to rip the water pipe.


Kings is another variation of a famous drinking game made into a smoking game.

The rules are a little complicated, but once you have them down, Kings is a fun game that will be a hit at any party.

Needed to Play:

  • Bong
  • Playing Cards
  • Smoke
  • Four Rolled Cigarettes


  • Shuffle the deck and place all of the cards in a circle around a large bong
  • All of the players gather in a circle around the cards
  • One player draws a card at a time and turns rotate clockwise
  • The card the player draws determine what happens that round

Meanings of the cards

2 is “You” - You get pick someone to take a hit off of the water pipe

3 is “Me” - You have to take a rip off the water pipe

4 is “Whores” - All the girls have to smoke

5 is “Guys” - All the guys have to smoke

6 is “Pass” - You get a pass on any one time you smoke. Pass cards are good for the whole game and can be used to pass anything other than drawing the final King card.

7 is “Chicago” - Each time a 7 is drawn everyone plays Chicago/Mexican Sweat with one of the four joints that have been rolled. The turn ends once the game of Chicago is over. (Chicago rules: hold in your smoke until the joint comes back to you, if you exhale early, then you’re out)

8 is “Date” - You get to pick someone to smoke with you

9 is “Rhyme” - The player who draws the card chooses a word “Kite” for instance. The players would then have to come up with a word that rhymes with “Kite” the first player to mess up has to smoke.

10 is “Categories” - The player who draws the card chooses a category “Cars” for instance. The players would then have to come up with a word that fall into that category i.e. mustang, charger, etc… The first player to mess up has to smoke.

Ace is “Snake Eyes” - If you draw an Ace your eyes become “Snake Eyes” and anytime anybody looks you in the eyes they have to smoke.

Jack is “Never Have I Ever” - Each player holds up 3 fingers and then the player that drew the card says, “ Never have I ever… gone streaking”. If you have gone streaking then you have to put one finger down. The first player with no fingers left has to smoke.

Queen is ”Questions” - The player that draws the card asks another player a question, the other player must then ask someone else another question. The first player to answer a question has to smoke.

King is “Make a Rule” - Whenever a player draws a King that player gets to make a rule. The rule can be anything and must be followed by all players until another King is drawn and then the new rule will apply.

When the fourth king is drawn the game is over, and the player who drew the king gets to smoke the bowl from the large bong all to his or herself!

Note: Some people like to play this game using a large glass of bong water to make the player who draws the final king drink it as punishment… 

I, however, wouldn’t wish that upon anybody! 

Also, when playing smoking games that have been converted from drinking games, it’s up to you to go with smoking either being done as a punishment or reward!


Categories is a straightforward and fast paced game that requires you to think on your feet!

The rules are really easy:

The first player picks a category and a letter, for instance, Bands and the letter B, and then takes a drag off a joint or pipe. 

The player would then say a band name starting with the letter B, like Blink 182. 

The next player in the circle would have to come up with a band that starts with a B, as well. 

If you fail to produce something that falls in line with the category and letter chosen then you have to take five big drags and then pass the the pipe, the next player that fails has to take 10 big drags. 

Once two people have failed a single category, a new category and letter is chosen.

The Penny Game

Needed to Play:

  • One penny
  • One Rolled Cigarette
  • Large rimmed glass
  • Rubberband
  • Tissue
  • Small Box

How to set up the game:

Lay the tissue paper flat over the rim of the cup and strap it into place with the rubber band.

After which, place the glass in the box and put the penny in the center of the tissue.

Now that you have the playing field set up it’s time for the game to begin.

Each player is then to take a drag and burn a hole in the tissue paper. 

The objective is a little similar to Jenga, in that, the player that drops the penny looses.


For all of you basketball fans out there, you can play “Blunt.”

The loser of the game has to roll it, while the winner gets to light it.

For those of you that don’t know, the basketball game horse is played by players taking turns trying to match each others shots.

If the player fails to match a shot they get one letter, the loser of the game is the first player to miss enough shots to spell the word “Horse” or “Blunts” in this case.

Traffic Lights

This has got to be one of my favorite stoner games.


Because, Traffic Lights can get out of hand really quickly. 

The game is a 1 vs 1 variation of Chicago/Baseball/Mexican Sweat. 

The big difference, though, is that with each round you will increase the number of hits you have to take by one, while still holding in your smoke until the joint makes it’s way back to you. 

So is round 6 you’re taking 6 drags!

Odd Number Traffic

Odd Number Traffic is essentially the same game as the aforementioned Traffic Lights.

However, instead of increasing by one drag each round, you increase by only odd numbers. (read: 1,3,5,7). 

Yea, good luck!

Jumpin’ Buds

This game is all about you and your buds jumping on a trampoline together and smokin’ cigars.

The objective is roll up enough cigars so that there is one per player.

Everyone then lights up and starts jumping. The first player to quit jumping while smoking, loses.

Warning: Be Careful, this game can be dangerous so make sure to take precaution to protect yourself!


Budweiser is a smoking game that can be played with any word, but the most common are certainly Budweiser.

How to play the game:

  • Gather a group of 3-4 players in a circle and light up a joint.
  • Take 2 or 3 drags, hold it in, and say, “Bud”
  • Pass the cigarette to the player on your left
  • Once the cigarette gets back to you, continue to hold in your original drags and take 2 or 3 more and say “wies”, then pass the cigarette to your left once again.
  • Repeat these steps until the word that has been chosen is completed saying a single syllable each round.
  • If you blow out any smoke at all, you’re out and are skipped until the game is over.

Mini Rips

To play this game, you need to roll up a nice cigar and have a someone to count rips.

The winner of this game is the player that can take the most mini—but strong—drags in a row on one breath.

High Card

If you guessed you’d need a deck of cards to play this game… well, you’d be right!

  • Shuffle the cards and place one card face down in front of each player
  • Each round every player gets dealt a new card face down
  • The player then guesses if their new card is higher or lower than their previous card and then flips the card face up
  • If the player is correct, they get to take a drag off the water pipe
  • If the player is wrong, they don’t get to take a rip off the water pipe!

You can flip it to where winners don’t have to take drags and losers are forced to take drags, if that’s your preferred cup of tea.


The game is best played when you have 3 or more players.

Gather everyone in a circle and light up

Each player is to take as many quick drags as there is players (read: if there is 4 players each player takes 4 mini drags)

The objective is to hold in your hits until the smoke gets back to you

Players can sabotages other players by controlling the length of the drags they take to try and knock players out!

Cigarette Box Flip

Needed to play:

  • Two boxes of cigarettes
  • Some smoke to put in the water pipe

How to Play:

  • Place the cigarette box, standing up, flat on the table
  • Using one finger try and “Flip” to where it lands standing straight up
  • First player to successfully flip the box, gets to take a drag off the water pipe

Smokin’ Race

Needed to play:

  • Rolled joint
  • 5-7 loaded smoking apparatuses

How to play:

  • Lay all of the loaded pipes, water pipes, dab rigs, vaporizers, etc in a line
  • Light up the joint and place it at the end of the line
  • On “Go” start to at the end of the line opposite of the joint and take one drag from each piece in a row as fast as you can
  • The goal is to make it to the joint before it goes out

You can play with multiple players by placing the joint in the middle of the pipes and having the players race to the middle.

If you are really feeling confident you can have the players go both up and down the line before the race to the rolled cigarette ends!

The Card Game

Required to play:

  • Deck of cards
  • Water Pipe
  • Some smoke
  • A rolled up cigar

How to Play:

  • Shuffle the deck and place them facedown on a table
  • Place the water pipe in the middle of the table with some grinded up smoke ready to go
  • Each player picks up one card on their turn
  • If the player draws a red card they take two drags off the cigar
  • If the player draws a black card they get no drags that round
  • If the player draws a King they have to load the water pipe with however much smoke they want and have to clear it
  • If the player draws the final King they have to clear an entire bowl from the water pipe

One Word Pass

One Word Pass is another great thinking/word game that will have everybody laughing the entire time!

How to play:

  • Roll up, light up, and gather everybody in a circle
  • The first player takes a drag and starts off by saying “Once” and then passing to their left
  • The second player takes a drag and says another word to continue the story

The objective of this game is to keep the story going!

If you want to have a more competitive version, you can incorporate Mexican sweat into it and make everyone hold in their drag till it comes back around, and eliminate the players that exhale.

Iron Lung Challenge

This is a easy and fun game to play to test who has the biggest set of iron lungs on them.

All you do is, load bongs and each player has to try and completely empty the bowl in one drag and no breather breaks.

Subject Matters

Subject mattersis extracting the “Categories” from Kings.

How to play:

  • Everyone gets into a circle and lights up
  • The first player then decides on a category, for example, “guitars”
  • Player one then takes a drag names a guitar, for example, “Stratocaster” before exhaling
  • All of the other players repeat this process without saying a word that has been used in the round

If you exhale before saying your word, your word does not fall into the correct category, or if you say a previously said word then you’re out.

Pairs Quarters

Needed to play:

  • Four Quarters
  • Two teams of two
  • Three cups
  • Some smoke and something to smoke it out of

How to play:

  • The teams decide which player smokes first and who shoots first.
  • Place the cups in a row - the middle cup is the “Bonus” cup.
  • The game starts by the smoking players both taking a drag, which they have to hold in until their teammate mates their shot.
  • As soon as the smoking players start the shooting players begin trying to bounce their quarters into their cups or the bonus cup.
  • Once the shooting player on a team makes their shot, the smoking player is allowed to exhale and becomes the shooter while the original shooter takes a drag.
  • The first team to have both players make their shot wins the round.
  • If a team makes it into the bonus, each opposing player has to make two shot in the next round.


Needed to play:

  • Steamroller
  • Smoke smoke
  • A coin
  • A group of 3+ people

How to Play:

  • All the players gather in a circle
  • Player 1 lights up the steam roller and takes as big of a drag as they can, but doesn’t clear the steamroller.
  • Player 1 then covers the openings of the steamroller--trapping the smoke insides--and passes the steamroller to the player on their left.
  • As soon as player 1 passes the steamroller, they flip the coin.
  • Heads player 2 has to clear the stale smoke.
  • Tails player 1 has to clear the stale smoke.
  • Player 2’s turn then begins.

Two Toke Killer

Two Toke Killer takes Chicago up a notch.

Every turn smokers have to take one large drag, exhale, immediately followed by another large drag, which will be held in until the smoke gets back to them.

This is not only harder because you are smoking more, but also, because you the pipe/joint will take longer to get back around to you.

To make it harder, use bongs to take the game up a notch!


This is a great smoking game for those of you that love your math!

It’s best played with a larger group of people so that it’s harder to keep track of the numbers!

How to Play:

  • Everyone gathers around in a circle, and someone chooses a single digit number (1-9). For this example, we’ll say the number chosen is “3”.
  • During each player’s turn, they will take a drag and say the next number in chronological order, however, when the number that was chosen is up or if it is a multiple of the chosen number you should, instead, say the word “bottles.”
  • Once someone says “bottles” turns are then are then flipped. Meaning if rotation was going left it’s not going right.
  • If a player says the wrong number or fails to say bottles on the right turn, they’re out!

Example of a round of bottles with the chosen number as “3.”

Player 1 then lights up, and starts the count by say, “1”. Then passes the smoke to the player on their left.

Player 2 takes a drag and says, “2.”

Player 3 takes a drag and says, “bottles!”

Player 3 takes a drag and then passes back to player 2

Player 2 takes a drag and says, “4.”

Player 1 takes a drag and says, “5.”

Player 8 takes a drag and says, “bottles!” or they say “6” and are out!

It can be a little challenging at first, but it’s a great game to get your mind working!

Lighters Darts

Needed to play:

  • Pipe with some smoke
  • Rolled up blunt
  • 4+ players each with their distinct lighter
  • A four target circle (think dartboard) placed in the center of a table (can be made with paper or tape)

How to Play:

  • Everyone gathers around the table and places their lighter down flat at the very edge of the table.
  • On the count of 3 everyone slides their lighters towards the target. If you slide to early or too late, you’re disqualified for the round.
  • The top part of your lighter is what determines what circle you hit.

Where you hit the target:

  • The lighter closest to the bullseye gets first hit. If your lighter is fully in the center, you get an extra hit.
  • The second circle you get a drag off the pipe.
  • The third circle you get a shotgun.
  • The fourth circle you get the last hit off the pipe.
  • No circle you don’t get to smoke that round.


Highjack is a strategic smoking game that will be a hit with all of your friends!

Each smoker draws one card and plays one card. 

The first smoker to collect all of their Stashbox Cards and at least one Session Card wins the round. 

The game is over when a smoker reaches 420 points.

Band Game

How to play:

  • Everyone forms a circle.
  • Player 1 takes a drag, says the name of a band/singer, and then passes to their left.
  • Player 2 must say a band/singer that begins with the last letter of the band Player 1 said.
  • Each player has 10 seconds to come up with the correct band name.
  • You can’t repeat a name through the entire game, or you’re out.
  • If you mess up, you’re out and don’t get to smoke until the game is over!

Note: This game can also be played with celebrity names, animal names, or even places (state/country/continent).

WEED the Game

WEED the Game is a fun, fast competitive Board Game for 2-6 adults.

Players start with $1000 and 7 resource cards.

Using resources like seeds, plants, soil, fertilizer you'll turn them into a huge harvest of “crop” that you sell for big money to win the game!

How exciting is that!?

Balls on Target

This smoking game is for those of you that want an athletic challenge.

The goal is to throw a ball and hit a specific target or past a certain distance. 

If you fail to meet the challenge, you don’t get to take a drag that round.

Non-smiling Game

Even though the point of this game is to not smile… it can quickly turn into a huge laugh fest!

The game is easy—in theory anyways.

The objective is to not smile, if you’re caught smiling you get skipped in rotation or face a predetermined penalty.


Greenjack takes Blackjack to a higher level.

The game is simple, just play Blackjack, the winner of each round gets to take a rip off the water pipe.

The basic rules of Blackjack:

  • The goal of blackjack is to have the highest hand without going over 21.
  • Face cards are worth 10. Aces are worth 1 or 11, whichever makes a better hand.
  • Each player starts with two cards.
  • To 'Hit' is to ask for another card. To 'Stand' is to hold your total and end your turn.
  • If you go over 21, you lose automatically.

THC The Game

THC The Game is designed for people to smoke while playing.

 Players spin and move around the board, completing dares, articulating challenging tongue twisters, and thumb wrestling.

The dares are determined by players before the game starts and could be taking a shot or taking off a piece of clothing.

You can tell just by reading the reviews of the game it will be a blast for you and your friends!

Grass Card Game

Grass is an exciting fast-playing card game for 2 to 6 players.

This cutthroat game pits players against each other in a race to peddle cards totalling 250k worth of grass.

During the course of the game players get busted fined and ripped off.

Don't get caught and you may win the game.


The UNO card game is a great smoking game, it’s simple too.

Just play UNO and when you match a number, you get to take a rip off the water pipe.

You can also play it where you have to take as many hits as the numbers you matched if you want it to get out of hand really quickly!

You can read the complete UNO rules here.


Needed to play:

  • 5 smokers
  • Playing cards: One King, one Queen, one 2, two 7’s, and a 6
  • A pipe with some smoke
  • A rolled cigar

How to play:

  • The dealer shuffles the cards and passes them facedown to the left.
  • When the dealer says “Flip” everyone flips their cards face up.
  • The player with the King card starts the rotation, but before they take a drag they must make a rule that every player but the Queen has to follow (rules can be anything: can’t say words, no eye contact, no smiling, can’t say words with an “s” in them).
  • If anyone fails to follow the King's rule before you take your drag off the cigar (even the king), they get skippedinrotation.
  • The player with the 2 card is after the King in rotation, and if they follow the King's rule they get to make the Queen do anything they want before their drag (read: give their hit away, make them roll around on the ground, or do push ups, anything is fair game!)
  • If the player with the 2 card fails to follow the King’s rule, then the Queen must now follow the King’s rules for the turn.
  • Now, the player with the seven card closest to the left of the Queen gets their drag, followed by the farthest from the Queen.
  • The player doesn’t get to take a drag off the cigar. Instead, they have to smoke from the pipe or water pipe.
  • Once the round is over, players return their cards, and they are reshuffled, and the player to the left of the last dealer now becomes the dealer and passes out the cards.
  • During each round, the previous King’s rules are all still in effect. Don’t remind anyone of the previous King’s rules or you’re out!

Hot Box Challenge

Needed to Play:

  • Very small room (bathroom, car, tiny bedroom)
  • Large group of smokers
  • A ton of cigars

The goal of this game is to be the last player in the room. You can leave under no circumstance!

If you leave you’re out and don’t get to participate in the smoking, anymore!


  • Can’t leave room for any reason.
  • Can’t crack and doors or windows.
  • Always have a cigarinrotation.
  • If you can’t take a drag when it’s your turn, then you’re out and have to leave the room.
  • Nobody is allowed to re-enter the room.
  • Doing whatever you can to convince players to leave the room is more then fine, it’s encouraged! So lie, cheat, and steal to be the last smoker in the room during the hot box

Weed the Card Game

In Weed the card game, players compete to grow the most Pot Plants while at the same time attempting to rain down havoc to their opponents crops.

Obstacles like Tornados, Wendy Weed Whacker, Slash and Burn, Bugs and Busts can set back your growing operations, but generally this is only a temporary situation.

Disclaimer: We do not claim to own or have created any of these games.

Did I miss any weed games? What are your favorite smoking games? Let me know in the comments below!

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