Sploofy Vs Smoke Buddy: Who Hides the Smell Better?

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The cannabis community is quite the thrifty bunch.

From water bottles to apples to PVC pipes, we’ve found countless ways to smoke weed.

Through this evolution of marijuana consumption, the cannabis world has given birth to two awesome smoking accessories.

They are the Sploofy and the Smoke Buddy.

These two companion pieces have one goal, and that is to hide your smoke session's tracks.

By using the Sploofy and Smoke Buddy, you can smoke without concern of blowing up your spot.

So, which is better in Sploofy vs Smoke Buddy?

Let’s figure it out!

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What is a Sploof?

Before we can compare and contrast a Sploofy vs Smoke Buddy, we must first get a true understanding of their prototype, the Sploof, works.

To make a sploof at home, find any run-of-the-mill plastic bottle or toilet paper roll.

It can be as big as a water jug or as small as a Poland Spring.

Cut the end off.

Fill it with dryer sheets and then cover the opening with a thick sock.

How Does a Sploof Work?

During your smoke sesh, when you are ready to exhale, do it inside the mouthpiece of the bottle.

When you are done exhaling, cover the end you blew into so that air doesn’t leak out.

As the smoky air works its way through the dryer sheets and out the thick sock filter, it should be free of scent.

That’s because the chemical compounds that lie within the smoke get caught within the dryer filters.

By trapping these compounds, you also lessen the risk of yellowing up walls, curtains, and other linens.  

Drawbacks of a Sploof

While this may seem like a cheap and efficient way to filter your smoke, a DIY sploof is not a long-term solution.

You will need to replace the plastic bottles/toilet paper rolls and dryer sheets frequently.

Not to mention, as you exhale your smoke into the homemade sploof, some of that second-hand smoke is coming back to you.

Since it’s hot, the smoke will take in some of the synthetic compounds in the plastic bottle, artificially scented dryer sheets, and dyed socks.

While you may be filtering the air from the scent of marijuana, you aren’t filtering your lungs from inhaling these potential contaminants.

Evolving the Sploof

While making your sploof is great for when you're in a jam, need a smoke, and want a quick cover-up.

However, the smoking game changed when cannabusinesses grew the sploof concept.

Now, there’s a wide range of smoking accessories that can help filter the scent of smoked marijuana.

The two at the top of the market are the Smoke Buddy and Sploofy.

Let’s go over the pros and cons surrounding both sploofs.

What is a Smoke Buddy?

Let’s start with the originator of the smoke-hiding industry.

A Smoke Buddy looks much like a tiny gasoline container.

It’s a handheld jug that you can exhale your smoke into.

Instead of using round-the-house dryer sheets and an old sock to filter out the smoke, the Smoke Buddy uses carbon air filters.

How Carbon Air Filters Work

Carbon air filters are the industry-wide standard in many air purifiers used to filter second-hand smoke.  

That is because carbon is the most effective when it comes to trapping odorous air molecules.

Dense terpenes are caught in the carbon filter and then absorbed by the activated charcoal inside of carbon air filters.

While terpenes get attached to carbon, many other pertinent molecules aren’t attracted to the filter.

Therefore, essential nitrates and sodium permeate through the filter with ease and re-enter the world as fresh, neutral, smoke-free air.

How to Use the Smoke Buddy

Much like you would use a water bottle, you would blow your smoke into the Smoke Buddy.

The biggest difference here will be the seal.

It’s a much bigger covering.

Therefore, your mouth or hand alone may not create an adequate barrier for the smoke not to penetrate through and back out into the open air.

That is why in between uses, you should put the cap back onto the Smoke Buddy.

How to Use the Sploofy

The Sploofy is a bit more stylish than its air-purifying counterpart.

Nuts and bolts, these both work the same way.

You blow into the mouthpiece on the Sploofy.

It goes through the carbon filter and out the other end as purified air.

Positives of the Smoke Buddy and Sploofy

While a DIY sploof is sufficient, the Smoke Buddy is far more effective.

Being such a big container lessens the chances of you filling it up to capacity and having smoke rush back out the mouthpiece.

The carbon filters used in the Smoke Buddy and Sploofy are refillable.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about going through boxes of dryer sheets and socks.

However, if you do want to prolong the life of the filters, you can put cotton balls in there.

As the smoke passes through the cotton balls, it will absorb all the resin first.

This double-filtration technique is an efficient way of cleaning the smoke more while saving money on getting replacement filters.

Efficacy of Using the Smoke Buddy and Sploofy

While the Smoke Buddy is extremely effective at clearing the air of the smoke smell, it won’t get rid of it all. To completely cover up the smell, read this guide here on air fresheners for weed.

After all, you need to light up.

So, while the weed combusts and as you inhale, smoke will enter the environment.

You can position yourself in a way that it directs into the Smoke Buddy and Sploofy, but your results will never be 100%.

At best, you can expect about a 90% efficacy.

Tips for Less Smoke

Ideally, you would use a Sploofy or Smoke Buddy with a one-hitter.

That way you inhale most of the smoke upon lighting, and there's no cherry left to linger.

If you can't use a one-hitter for your smoke session, then pack a hit's worth of weed into your bowl or bong.

In the case, you packed too much in your bong, place your hand over the mouthpiece, so smoke doesn't escape.

How to Smoke a Joint with a Sploofy or Smoke Buddy

For those who are going to use a joint or blunt, then you are going to up your chances of lingering smoke.

The best you can do is position everything as close to the mouthpiece as possible.

In between tokes hover the cherry near the mouthpiece, so it gets directed into the Sploofy or Smoke Buddy.

Drawbacks of Using Smoke Buddy and Sploofy

Whenever you use a Sploof, you essentially lessen your high.

One of the perks of smoking in a room is you can sit in your smoke.

That’s why hotboxing can you get stoned out your gourd!

Trapping your smoke will lessen the smell in the room.

However, the carbon filters will also pick up stray cannabinoids that would otherwise linger in the air.

Therefore, there’s no chance of the added contact high.

Lastly, for the air to come out, you sometimes have to blow pretty hard.

Otherwise, exhaled smoke will linger out when your end when you remove your mouth.

Differences Between Sploofy vs Smoke Buddy

There are two main differences between the Sploofy and the Smoke Buddy.

The most striking of the two differences is appearances.

A Smoke Buddy resembles a canteen.

Whereas, a Sploofy sort of like a microphone.

In terms of overall aesthetics, the Sploofy is a bit more fashionable.

It comes in a variety of colors and could compliment the decor of any room.

The Smoke Buddy has more of a rugged exterior.

While it comes in many colors, it’s not quite as eye-catching as the Sploofy.

Differences in Cleaning Sploofy vs. Smoke Buddy

Carbon air filters do wonders in maintaining clean air.

However, they need a little help from the people that use them.

As you exhale, water vapors from your mouth attach to the clouds inside of your sploof.

If you keep these water vapors contained, it will turn to moisture inside the enclosed area.

In turn, the carbon filters inside will be working harder.

That’s because they’re not only filtering the air exiting the sploof, they’re now filtering the moist and stagnant air inside of the contraption.

Excess moisture will not only hurt the strength of your carbon filters but can also be a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Caring for Sploofy vs Smoke Buddy

After any smoke session, you want to let as much clean air as possible into your sploof.

If you are using a Smoke Buddy, you can unscrew the cap that you exposes your mouthpiece.

This allows oxygen to come in and clean out potential cases of mold and mildew buildup.

For the Sploofy, you unscrew the whole cartridge at the bottom to allow to circulate through.

While you have both open, feel free to stick a paper towel in and clean up any residue along the sides of the container.

Which is Better- Sploofy vs Smoke Buddy?

Due to the bigger opening on the Sploofy, more air can circulate inside.

This will go a long way in preserving your carbon air filters, making the Sploofy slightly more cost-efficient than the Smoke Buddy.

Therefore, regarding looks, efficiency, and longevity, the Sploofy seems to eek out just a bit in front of the Smoke Buddy.

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