Indica vs Sativa: The Difference Between Indica and Sativa Cannabis

Pretty much any kind of cannabis is awesome. But, when it comes to indica and sativa which one should you go with? Is there even a difference between the two? Today, we will explore if the fancy names mean anything at all, if there are any differences when growing, and a deep dive into hybrid cannabis.  Plus, a look … Read more

The Best Strains for Greenhouse to Get the Most Out of Your Grow

Best Strains to Grow in a Greenhouse Main

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning to a greenhouse full of cannabis. You’re in the right place if you want to learn how to capture that feeling for yourself. Today, we are talking about the five best strains for greenhouse growing. If you’ve never grown in a greenhouse before, you’ll love these strains because: They make … Read more

The Best Cannabis Seeds: Buy Autoflower & Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online Since 2019

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Every plant starts at a seed. So, if you are looking to cultivate your own cannabis plants, you need to make sure you get quality seeds that will generate a solid yield and flavor. Not sure where to begin when picking out cannabis seeds? No worries, I am here to help with that. Let’s take a look at some … Read more Review: An Unbiased ILGM Review Review

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has been selling low-cost, high quality, and easily accessible marijuana seeds since 2012. Started by a long-time Dutch grower, Robert Bergman, ILGM launched as a passion project. Bergman wanted to share his knowledge about growing marijuana with others. Soon, Bergman branched out and teamed up with seed breeders to provide his readers with access … Read more

The Best Cannabis Strains to Grow Indoors for Yield and Potency

Best Cannabis Strains to Grow Indoors for Beginners

Not all cannabis strains were developed for the indoor growing environment, especially for the inexperienced grower. What characteristics do you need to look out for when sourcing the perfect strain for indoor growing? Some strains are ideally suited to indoor farming because of their size, short growth cycle and disease resistance. For the beginner weed grower, knowing how … Read more