These are the Cannabis Nutrients That Will Give You Big Buds

Cannabis nutrients

You want BIG buds! As would any cannabis connoisseur. But, mastering cannabis nutrients can be a pain without the right guidance. And the thought of destroying our plants with the wrong stuff is enough to make your skin crawl! Trust me, I know. Today, I’ll show you what to look for in finding the best fertilizer for cannabis that will … Read more

Cannabis Ventilation: Why you Need it & How to Set it Up

Cannabis Ventilation

Seeds, lights and… fans? Cannabis ventilation is often overlooked. The very basics of plant science tell us that plants rely on the ability to absorb CO2 (carbon dioxide) to grow. In turn releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere. Plants also need ideal humidity levels to stay healthy and thrive. As such, the grower will want to ensure that they take proper steps to ensure … Read more

Watering Cannabis: How Often Do You Plans Need Water?

watering cannabis

Watering cannabis is needed to grow healthy and strong plants. But… You can also, over water killing your cannabis​—you need to find the balance. Today we’ll look at watering marijuana and some of the scientific reasons your plant needs specific amounts of water to grow. We’ll also look at the methods growers use to make the watering process a lot more efficient … Read more

Weed Plant Stages: Taking Your Plants From Seed to Smoke

Weed Plant Stages

Understanding plant science can be a bit intimidating for the cannabis grower. The process from seed to bud requires a lot of attention, knowledge, patience and a keen understanding of what is happening within your plant. Here we will look at the weed plant stages, in great detail so to be able to break down the components … Read more

Drying and Curing Cannabis: This One Step Can 10x a Bud Potency

Drying and Curing Cannabis

Now that you’ve finished drying your bud, it’s ALMOST ready to smoke! But… You need to cure your cannabis first. In this curing cannabis guide, you’ll learn:The difference between drying and curing cannabis.The best way to cure weed.And, how to cure your marijuana in jars.Difference Between Drying and Curing Cannabis?People often use these terms interchangeably. They are, however, not quite … Read more

Cannabis pH: Getting This Wrong Can Ruin Your Plants

Cannabis pH

We all want healthy plants, right? For that to happen, though, you can’t fall into the same trap most beginner growers do: Ignore the pH. The pH is vital to your cannabis plants nutrient uptake, and without proper balance, it can be detrimental to your yield.What is the pH and Why is it Important?pH is the measurement that … Read more