The Best LED Grow Lights for Weed: Full Spectrum is Now a Must

Best LED Grow Lights for Weed

Getting every gram you can out of a yield is awesome! Well, without the best LED grow lights for weed, you’re going to be leaving bud on the table—and that’s a fact. Settle in, grab a cup of coffee and a bowl, because this is an all encompassing guide with everything you’ll need to learn before buying … Read more

The Best Lights for Growing Weed in a Closet

The Best Lights for Growing Weed in Closet Featured Image

It might be surprising to hear, but many of the best cannabis growers first cut their teeth on growing cannabis in cramp and tiny spaces. It teaches you how to hone essential gardening skills and work with what you’re given, and may ultimately give you the edge over growers who’ve only grown in large spaces. While called … Read more

The Best Fluorescent Grow Lights for Cannabis: t5 Grow Lights in 2019

Best Fluorescent Grow Lights for Cannabis

Fluorescent lights are nothing new to cannabis growers. In fact, they were the most widely used lights just a few years ago. After all, they are cheap and easy to get. Later, growers began using them as supplemental lights when more powerful lights like LEDs and HPS grow lights entered the market. You can still use fluorescent lights like … Read more

Growing Weed LED vs HPS: Which one is Right for Your Cannabis?

Growing Weed LED vs HPS

There’s so much can influence your yield when growing cannabis. Aside from soil, nutrients, and watering, you also have to consider what type of lighting is best for your growing situation. This article will weigh the pros and cons of light-emitting diode (LED) vs high-pressure sodium (HPS) lighting.What Are the Differences Between LED and HPS Lighting?As stated … Read more

Lumens & Cannabis: How the Two Interact

Lumens Cannabis

How many lumens cannabis need can get really confusing. Kelvin, watts, different light spectrums… there’s so much jargon it can end up getting all jumbled up.Which one do you need to know to make sure you’re getting your cannabis plants the proper amount of light? Well, today, I’ll give you a brief lesson on lumens, what they … Read more