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The Best Butane for BHO Extraction | Top 5 in 2019

Looking to make some homemade wax or shatter? I don’t blame you. The stuff is AWESOME! But, if you’re going to make high-quality wax, you’re going need the best butane for BHO extraction. Today, we take a look at what butane you should be using for your concentrates and how to be safe while extracting.RankProductRatingPriceWhip-it! Refined Butane View on […]

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Best Hair Straightener for Rosin: Is Making Rosin Worth It?

Rosin is an appealing extraction method for many cannabis lovers. It’s the only true solvent-free form of extraction on the market today. Free from harsh petrochemicals, and easy to make at home, it’s gaining a dedicated following of concentrate lovers and dabbers alike. Plus, it’s easily made at home with a standard hair straightener! Today, you’ll see the best […]

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The Best Air Purifier for Smoking Weed Odor

Ah, the scent of marijuana. Weed has an unmistakable scent. As a smoker, who doesn’t love walking by a smoke session and catching a waft of delicious herb? However, that same glorious scent can linger around your house for awhile! So, if you’re looking to get that sweet smell out of your smoking quarters, you need to invest in […]

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