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The Best Air Filter for Growing Weed Odor Control

With recreational and medicinal marijuana becoming increasingly legal, growing cannabis has become a widely accepted, and growing (no pun intended) practice. After all, once the craft beer scene blew up, everyone under the sun started perfecting their brews. Why wouldn’t you want the same DIY experience for your cannabis? Every one thinks about the amount of light and nutrients during […]

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The Best Composter: Make Your Own Organic Soil Mix for Cannabis

Growing your cannabis at home is an amazing feat. But, how cool would it be if you could even make some organic compost yourself? It doesn’t make sense to pay money for compost. Especially when it’s just decomposed dirt and can be easily made at home. Composting vegetable scraps is an excellent way to build an ecosystem for your cannabis plants. It […]

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Prevent Your Garden from Stinking with The Best Carbon Filter for Your Grow Tent

You may have heard of carbon filters when getting your grow tent set up. Maybe you saw the phrase while shopping, or mentioned in reviews or recommendations. With the amount of information crammed into the descriptions of these, however, it can be overwhelming to understand what they are, why they’re important and what to look for. This short […]

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