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The Best Cannabis Root Stimulator: Using a Root Enhancer for Cannabis

We’re all looking for that secret trick that will take our yields to the next level. The best cannabis root stimulator just might be that secret. A root stimulator can provide young plants with macronutrients enabling them to establish a faster primary rooting system, vibrant growth, good nutrient absorption ability and the capability to resist root rot. Here […]

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The Best Temp for Volcano Vaporizers

Vaporizers have become very popular over the years. There are portable and desktop ones, but desktop vaporizers are most preferred. It’s a fabulous, trendy way to get all the benefits of cannabis. Most importantly, it’s healthy, and you’ll do your lungs a huge favor. Out of the hundreds of vaporizers flooding the market, the Volcano is perhaps the most preferred. However, very few people […]

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The Best DWC System Reviews for Yield

Growing plants hydroponically is not as straightforward of a process as growing them in soil. The purpose of hydroponics is to grow plants with as little interference between nutrients and the roots as possible. Therefore, the process eliminates soil, opting for different types of growing mediums instead. There are six ways to grow cannabis hydroponically. But Deep Water Culture […]

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The Best Cannabis Strains to Grow Indoors for Yield and Potency

Not all cannabis strains were developed for the indoor growing environment, especially for the inexperienced grower. What characteristics do you need to look out for when sourcing the perfect strain for indoor growing? Some strains are ideally suited to indoor farming because of their size, short growth cycle and disease resistance. For the beginner weed grower, knowing how […]

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