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The Best 510 Battery for Oil Cartridges Reviews

Vaping cannabis is quickly becoming the industry standard. With its rise in popularity, companies are scrambling to make the best battery possible. After all, the battery is about 90 percent of the whole pen, to begin with. Taking factors such as style and shelf life into consideration, the vaping experience has become a pretty customizable one. So, if you […]

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The Best Bong Accessories: Stems, Bowls & K-Clips Oh My!

There are so many ways to switch up an everyday bong hit. Countless accessories behind smoke shop counters and their websites make for a better bong hit, cooler smoke temp, or cooler look. Keep reading to see some of the best bong accessories you can find.Quick Top 5 Best Bong Accessories:RankProductRatingPriceWater Pipe Expanding Water Beads View on […]

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The Best BHO Extractor for Making Wax, Shatter, Oil & Budder

Wax, shatter, budder, butane honey oil or whatever you prefer, smoking concentrates has blown up in popularity. With DIY culture growing through recent generations, people like to make everything at home from soap to beer to their own concentrates.  Making your own BHO has become increasingly common in the cannabis community. As cannabusiness continues to prosper, BHO extractors […]

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The Best Joint Filter: Never Inhale Chunks of Weed Again

Joints are one of the most common forms of smoking Cannabis. Something that many people enjoy using to make their smoking experience more pleasant is a crutch—aka a joint filter. You can easily prevent yourself from getting little pieces of weed in your mouth during sessions with a the best joint filter.Quick Top 5 Joint Filters:RankProductRatingPriceRaw Rolling Papers […]

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The Best Cloning Gel for Cannabis: Rooting Gel Hormone for Better Clones

The easiest way to share your best cannabis plant with yourself or a friend is to clone your thriving mother plant. Using a cloning gel improves your chances of a healthy clone, while increasing your growth rate. Cloning plants instead of starting from scratch with seeds saves you time and money. Today, we’ll be looking at why you should use a […]

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