The Best Candle for Weed Smell: Cannabis Smell Eliminating Candles

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It's true that there is nothing as delicious as the smell of a dank nug, but is there anything worse than the lingering smell of weed smoke?

Trying to get the scent of cannabis smoke out of a room after a good session is challenging.

Getting a quality scented, smoke-reducing candle for your room is a good first step to getting rid of the smell.

A candle can help subtly reduce the smell of smoke and roaches to a barely perceptible level.

Keep reading to learn the best candle for weed smell.


Quick Top 5 Candles for Marijuana:

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Why Scented Candles for Weed Smoke?

Sometimes scented candles get a bad wrap.

People often stereotype the kinds of people who use them.

A middle-aged housewife, a teenage girl, these are common assumptions about the scented candle market.

Few stoners consider the benefits of candles; they assume scented candles are just something for moms house.

But candles come with benefits that all cannabis consumers need to know about.

If you're trying to smoke marijuana discreetly, candles should be your first line of defense against any disgusting leftover smoke smell.

While not all candles were explicitly created for cannabis smells, all candles, even the unscented kind, will have some effect over unwanted odors.

There is more then one way when it comes to how to get rid of the smell of weed, though. So if you prefer quicker methods makes sure you check out our guides.

How Do Candles Work to Eliminate Weed Smell?

No matter what type of smoke you are trying to eliminate, it's all caused by the same process.

During the combustion of organic material, cannabis or tobacco, the small incinerated particulate enters into the atmosphere.

As it disperses, it slowly embeds itself into any soft, absorbent material, like your couch cushions and curtains.

Candles, naturally, help clean the air through biodegradation of any lingering particles in the air.

If you add essential oils and other natural scents into the mix, it's an added layer of odor-fighting power.

What to Look for in Smoke Clearing Candles

Ultimately the candle will have one job—to clear away the lasting scent of cannabis smoke.

The best candles for weed smell will be made out of all natural ingredients, like soy and beeswax, and have a long burn time.

The best candles for weed smell will be made out of all natural ingredients, like soy and beeswax, and have a long burn time.

If your candle only lasts a few hours, it's likely not worth the money.

Look for smoke clearing candles with their burn time clearly labeled on the packaging.

If you are making a scented candle purchase, you'll also want to confirm you like the scent.

Don’t get floral scented candles if you hate flowers; the same goes for any other flavor.

Buying Candles for Cannabis

There are a million and one candles on the market, but not all scents and brands will leave you enjoying a subtle ambient experience.

A good candle shouldn’t burn dirty or burn quickly.

If it is scented, it should create a soothing aromatic experience.

One that one leave your nostrils burning from overpowering, harsh chemicals leaves a lot to be desired even if it cancels out the smell of smoke.

While there are some scents which seemingly clear up lingering smoke better than others, some non-scented candles do an equally as good job thanks to their unique formulations.

All the best candles for weed smell have a long burn life, smell delightful, and are made out of gentle, non-toxic ingredients.

The Best Candle for Weed Smell

As its name suggests, it kills the smell of weed with no fuss and no muss.

It's lightly scented, for that added layer of odor removal, without overpowering the room.

It also guarantees to burn for 90 hours.

The cannabis killer should help reduce the lingering marijuana smells within 10 minutes in an average sized room.

Its made out of soy-wax which is an entirely all-natural material.

Soy candles have a much longer burn time than traditional paraffin wax candles and burn cleaner.

The cannabis killer comes in a decorative mason jar, and the candle itself is light green.

Even if it didn’t remove the smell of smoke (which it does), it’s decorative enough to look good in any room.

It does state loud and clear on the label its meant to clear the air of weed smoke, so if you prefer a more discreet odor killer, remove the label before use.


  • Scent works, but isn’t overpowering
  • Lights up to 90 hours


  • Big cannabis leaf on candle jar might be a dead giveaway of what you’re trying to mask

Just because it doesn’t say it's meant for cannabis smoke, doesn’t mean it's not an active order eater.

The Bath & Body Works Stress relief candle is a clean, crisp scent, that cuts right through unwanted roach smells.

Walking into a room filled with eucalyptus and spearmint will put you more in mind of a massage studio, than a smoking session.

Its tastefully packaged, and is made out of vegetable wax and wicks.

With three wicks, it will burn quicker than most, but still averages between 25 to 45 hours.

The essential oils used in this candle pack a powerful punch, which makes it perfectly suited scented candle for large spaces.


  • Very calming, essential oil scents
  • Reputable brand name of candle makers


  • Not formulated specifically for cannabis
  • Burns quicker than most with three wicks

Leave it to hippies to find the perfect scent to clean up weed smoke.

But the Smoke Odor Exterminator will clean up just about any lingering stink you want to clean up in your house.

Hippie Love is only one of the dozens of scents produced by this brand, including those inspired by your mom’s baking (gingerbread lane) and more tropical flavors (pineapple coconut).

As a deodorizer, it works so well because it has incorporated special odor removing enzymes into its ingredient listing.

When burned they enter into the atmosphere and absorb any lingering particulate.

It should burn for on average 70 hours, and the labeling is much more discreet than other branded products.

It doesn’t mention cannabis by name at all.

The scents are not overpowering, which is important if you're overly sensitive to sharp smells or have a smaller space you want to deodorize.


  • Unique (and delicious flavors)
  • Hides more than cannabis scents


  • Burns up to 70 hours, so not as long lasting as others on this list

A clever name and hip packaging aren’t the only things this candle has going for it.

Although even with just the beautiful packaging in mind, it's well worth the investment.

It's also thoughtfully crafted using all natural ingredients and is free of paraffin wax, phthalates, sulfates, and parabens, which are common ingredients in poorer quality candles.

Made with beeswax, soy and essential oils, it's non-toxic.

Cannabolish should know what works for removing cannabis odors because they have been perfecting their all-natural blend of ingredients over the past 30 years.

No harsh overpowering scents in this candle, just a blend of ingredients that work without any added chemicals to clean up remaining weed smells.

If environmentally friendliness is a concern, they also have made the container 100 percent recyclable.


  • Beautiful packaging and clever name
  • All-natural, non-toxic products inside 100% recyclable container


  • Not the most pleasant of scents as compared to some others

Another aromatherapy option to remove the smell of weed and offer a bit of stress relief at the same time.

Chesapeake Bay is a long-standing high-quality brand in the scented candle world, and if you are looking to invest in a product with high standing, this is it.

They have perfected the craft of well-balanced, non-overpowering scented candles throughout the decades.

In fact, this candle is anything by one-noted.

They’ve helpfully described the complex aromas into the top, middle and bottom notes of the scent.

It’s also another sensible option for those people who prefer not to display their cannabis-smoke-reducing candles around the house.

It's another all-natural candle option, suited to those concerned about adding any extra toxins and chemicals in their environment.


  • Also effective for stress-relief
  • Multiple notes throughout the candle
  • Really strong, albeit pleasant, scent


  • Has a tendency to tunnel as it burns


If you are tired of having your house smell like cannabis smoke all the time, you're right to look for one of the best candles for weed smoke.

Make sure to get a scent you like and one that will actually eliminate the smoke odor.

Not just mask it!

Also, you want to get one that is not going to burn too fast so you're not blowing through candles faster then you are joints!

What is your favorite candle to get rid of the smell of smoke?

Let everyone know in the comments below!

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