The Best Weed Subscription Box: Top 10 Cannabis Subscription Boxes

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What if I told you that you could have AWESOME smoking accessories sent you every month? Well, thanks to weed subscription boxes you can!

Now, most of these don’t include any buds in their boxes. They do, however, offer everything you need to enjoy your favorite strains.

Today, we're going to compare the different subscription services on the market to see how they compare stack up to each other.

If you're in a hurry, we consider the best weed subscription box to be the EL Primo by Daily High Club.

But, if you're not, then keep reading and to find the perfect monthly weed box for you!


Reasons to Buy a Smoking Subscription Box

If you ask me, these marijuana subscription boxes sell themselves. It’s just such a good deal. They just flat out save you money.

Not only do they deliver all of the joint papers you’ll need for the month, but they also prevent you from spending WAY too much money at your local head shop.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked in for a small bit of glass and end up walking out with a way overpriced bong. But it’s more than that.

They also give you things you didn’t know you needed. Like roach clips, pre-rolled cones, rolling papers, joint protectors, joint tips and stash bags.

Most have monthly themes and do a good job of switching up the merch.

Services like the Daily High Club even throw in custom glass in their premium level boxes that you can’t get anywhere else.

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Things to Consider When Choosing:

Different Sizes and Cost

The most important thing you can do is pick a weed subscription box that will fit your needs. Now, not all of these services offer a bunch of different sizes, but overall you can end up paying $50 a month or even as little as $1. Make sure to pick a price point you can afford, but also one that is going to give you stuff you’ll love.

For instance, if you want to get new glass pieces each month, you can’t go with a cheaper weed subscription box. But, if you're only looking for something to give you papers, blunt wraps and other fun smoking accessories, then your choice is going to be a lot different.

Review the Past Boxes

The best way to tell how good a monthly box service is going to be is by looking at their past boxes. There are a couple of ways you can go about doing this.

First, check if you can see them on their website. While this is convenient, not all of them do this, so you may have to do a little detective work.

Enter social media.

You can either check out their Facebook or Instagram feeds, or you can search by looking for the services hashtag.

Our Best Weed Subscription Box Review

While we will be comparing different services side by side, it’s hard to say which one is the best. Since they all offer such different packages, we wanted to look at what the company as a whole had to offer instead of just choosing a package they offer.

So what did we look at when choosing the best cannabis subscription box?

  • Quality of the boxes they offer
  • The value they provide
  • Number of options they give you to choose from
  • The number of items they send in every box
  • If they offer packages with glass

Most boxes these days provide a quality product. They have to, or they’ll get passed on. It’s as simple as that. Honestly, all of these boxes are so good this was one of the hardest lists I’ve ever had to do.

But I’m sure you’re tired of hearing me talk so let’s get to what you came here for. So, if you want a stoner box, then check out these awesome reviews!

Daily High Club

Daily High Club has one of the most fleshed out product offerings that there is. You can buy some of their best boxes from the past, glass pipe and other stoner gear—they’re basically a full-blown head shop.

But it’s their subscription boxes we came to talk about.

They offer three different sizes from $1 per month to $30. If you want a box that offers great glass with every box, you'll want the ladder.

Their $1 offer is perfect for a joint smoker. A Pack of papers and tips at the store is going to set you back more than $1, and with this, you’re also getting some hemp wick and matches—the deal is a no-brainer.

It’s not this cute little option that makes DHC my favorite subscription service. Their box the, EL Primo, is where they really offer you a ton of value.

While it’s not the most expensive pack that will get you the most gear, it’s a box that hits that perfect sweet spot. $30 a month gets you $80 worth of products, and every month you’re getting new glass.

And I mean really, good glass.

Take the time to look at some of their previous best boxes to see the glass I’m talking about. Scientific rigs and heady bubblers. Real glass.

You’ll also get stoner swag like stickers, incense cones and rolling papers. But also things you wouldn’t think you needed like glass screens, hemp wraps, cigar splitters or pipe cleaners.

They do a great job of switching it up giving you fresh stuff every month. Plus, they do awesome collab boxes with brands—these boxes more than others tend to kick ass.

Daily High Club also offers a mid-range box that doesn’t include glass, but, for only $12 a month, you get 7-9 products that will have you smoking well all month long.


  • Some of the best glass pieces you’ll find in a box
  • Fresh, new smoking essentials in your box every month
  • Great value: $80 of value for $30
  • Colab boxes with cool brands


  • Wish they offered an even larger box like Do You Goody Box
  • The boxes can come off as a little advertising heavy

The Puff Pack

The Puff Pack is one of the few smoking subscription services that gives you almost complete control over what you get every month. You can start with a base box and then customize the hell out it.

They have options to add a mystery piece of premium glass to your box every month, or you can add various papers, lighters, eye drops or wraps. All at a price lower than what you’ll be able to get them for at the gas station.

This is cool if you know everything you’ll need for a given month.

While you might know mostly what you’re going to get every month with The Puff Pack, they do include mystery glass in their Artisan box for $19 a month. Or you can get their all mystery pack for $23 if you’d prefer something new and exciting each month.

The Artisan box we received came loaded with a bunch of smoking essentials—and the little bong ripped! I love that they go with supplying nothing but Raw too. Even the hemp wick was Raw.

The grinder they give you is pretty meh, though. A plastic grinder that does its job fine, but doesn’t seem like something you would need every month.

This service is perfect for the heavy smoker that just wants a box that will deliver all of the smoking supplies they need for the month. No more awkward/high corner store runs for a Swisher.

They don’t include shipping in their prices, though. So, to do a price to value comparison to other boxes you need to factor in $2-5 depending on the box that you choose.

We also got our hands on their economy pack that, for just a few bucks, will have you smoking joints all month long. And for the price, it just doesn't make sense to pass it up.


  • You can completely customize a box that will give you everything you need for smoking each month
  • Ships brand name products
  • Offer boxes from everyone from a small-time joint smoker to a glass conscious


  • Not as exciting as the other boxes

Do You Goody Box

If you liked the first two options, you're going to love our 420 Goody Box review. Do You Good Box does nothing but provide value.

Easily the best weed accessory box—it just always loaded with great accessories! Offering three different boxes, they have one that will fill the needs for any cannabis smoker. Even those of us that are glass snobs.

If that’s you, you’ll love their Top Shelf box. While it does set you back more than most boxes will, you get an awesome piece of glass with every month. And a $150-250 worth of gear each month for under $80, just seems like something you can't pass up..

But, I’ll be the first to admit that $80 a month can be a tough pill to swallow.

Most of you will be more drawn to their mid-level box that is only $21.98. With this mid-level box, known as, The Goody Box, you’ll get $45-85 in value every box. It will include 5-9 items and a new piece of glass or vape pen in every box.

Now, you might be thinking that this box offers the same amount of value as the DHC box for less money. But, that’s only because DHC doesn’t make you pay another $6 for shipping like Do You Goody does.


  • Offers a top shelf glass box subscriptions that includes crazy premium products
  • Good selection and easy to check out their past boxes
  • Offers cool products like snacks and shirts


  • Their midlevel box value isn’t as consistent as the DHC box

Hemper is one of the better-known subscription box services, and for a good reason. It's one of the few services that offer a dollar box.

That’s right. For a dollar a month you get king size papers, a clipper lighter, filter tips, and a mystery item in each box. That is enough to smoke joints all month long for just a buck, and a a mystery item! 

They offer three more boxes at $11.49, $19.99 and $29.99.

Each box progressively adding more and more bang for your buck with the largest of them giving you 8-10 items per month. These will range from a new glass piece, smell proof tech, rolling essentials, cleaning gear and even their own original products.

They ship worldwide and, of course, it’s going to be discreet. So no worrying about the landlord coming across a box that says weed smoking box here!

They also have a pretty sophisticated online head shop where you can find water pipes, dab rigs, dab torches and glass pipes.

The only gripe I have with Hemper is how they don’t show off their boxes better on their website.

You can see what you can expect from other sources like their Instagram page and Youtube reveals, but it’s also nice to not have to track it down!

If you read any Hemp Box review, they all agree that out of all the subscription boxes for stoners, Hemper is one of the best.


  • A joint smoking box that is only $1
  • Boxes are loaded well with up to 10 items
  • Fleshed out online head shop with decent glass


  • You have to track down past boxes to see what you can expect

One of the newer subscription services that’s putting a different spin on their box than others. Sensi Box offers four different boxes to choose from.

First, you can choose whether you want a toke box or what they call the original. The toke box is more for those of you that just want a box full of stuff that will complement your smoking.

If you want a box that has a more of a culture vibe, Sensi Box’s original is one of the best. But what we love the most is that that they offer his and hers boxes.

We got our hands on the Halloween 2017 box and loved the spooky theme! The box came with eight items, which is what you can expect from a box that sets you back $27 a month.

They really hit a home run with the theme—even including a skull-shaped dab container! A lot of boxes waste a lot of the items on various papers or wraps; I appreciated that they only gave you one pack of papers.

Matches, a doob tube and hemp wick, were included which all seem to have become staples of these box services.

What they included that you don’t see often were an awesome set of skull roach clips and this sweet glass skull tray—perfect for rolling joints or as an ashtray.

Sensi box did include a teardrop glass piece, but in all honesty, it was nothing spectacular. It hit nice and had a large enough bowl, but it was awkward to hold and was pretty plain compared to most glass you see these days.

That being said, overall, it was a great amount of value for the cost and a brand we can get behind.

On their site, you can also find a decent amount of glass and vape pens or some of their past special edition boxes.


  • Unique his and hers options
  • Monthly themed subscriptions and good online store
  • We packaged, shipped discreetly and high-quality items


  • Glass piece left a lot to be desired

Hippie Butler is different than any other box you’ll come across. They offer much more control over what you’ll get than anyone else. How do they do this?

They let you customize your box based off the kind of smoker you are. So, while you do get a lot of control over what you get, you’ll still be surprised with the form it will take.

How it works is you choose a base box depending on if you want a rolling box, a box with glass and other smoking goodies or a top shelf box. From there they have you tell them about your smoking style.

For instance, if you choose their rolling box you can choose to have either papers, blunt wraps or a mix and if you want them flavored or not.

And the boxes with glass ask if you are more of a concentrate or flower smoker and will send you the appropriate gear based on your choice.

While all of the boxes on this list are worth subscribing too, if you’re worried about getting a bunch of stuff you won’t ever use, this is the box for you. I also love the sweet bundles that they offer on their online store too.

You can get blunt rolling bundles and retro gaming rolling setups complete with a rolling tray, papers, lighters and grinder.

Hippie Butler hooked it up with one of their boxes, and I have to say, it was impressive! Perfect for those of you looking for a smoke heavy box.

Filled with three different types of cones, some papers and even CBD infused blunt wraps. All of the papers were really high quality too! But, it's the quality of the grinder and rolling tray that really stood out the most.

The four piece Hippie Butler grinder was small but could grind with the best of them, and let's just say I'll be using that rolling tray pretty frequently.


  • They completely cater to your smoking style so you won't have to worry about getting items in your box you won't use
  • Offer bundle deals in their store you won’t find anywhere else


  • One of the most expensive boxes with their mid-level box starting at $32.99, plus another $7 if you want concentrate boxes

While Cannabox doesn’t offer the high-end glass boxes like some of the other players, they still manage to rock one of the coolest weed subscription boxes.

I mean, first of all, in the $19.88 box they offer you’ll get an awesome t-shirt each month. That alone pays for the cost of the box. Plus, you can expect all kinds of mystery gear like cannabis-themed socks, nice glass or a stash jar.

They might not offer as many items per box as others, but each item is really high-quality. In the decision of quality vs. quantity, they chose the former.

They also offer a beefed up essentials box for only $10 a month.

The boxes are more in tune with stoner culture than a focus on purely smoking like other boxes. So, if you’re a heavy smoker looking for a box that will help you burn cannabis all month, it’s not for you.


  • Their flagship box has a new t-shirt and theme each month
  • One of the best smoking essentials boxes
  • Fewer but higher-quality items than most boxes


  • Not for you if you want a bunch of smoking supplies each month
  • They don’t offer a good glass-centric box

Canna Bake Box

We love love love the Cannabake Box. They boast one of the largest box selections—currently five different boxes are offered right now. Including ones that are oil specific, glass oriented or just for the joint smoker.

The boxes they send are discrete and loaded to the brim with some of the most useful stoner tools you can find. Most of their boxes come not only with glass, but also various dugouts and one-hitters. You might get grinders or 24k gold cones.

What I love most about them are the unique items they put in their boxes.

The biggest issue I do have with Cannabake Box is how little they show you about the box. The product pages don’t really show you what you can expect, and their social media accounts don’t either. 

The most popular box starts at $29, and you can expect to receive 6-14 items every month and some glass.


  • One of the most unique product offerings
  • Small online store
  • Great value and one of the largest box selections


  • Hard to gauge what you can expect from the boxes
  • No reveals

Finally, an actual weed subscription service. The only reason why this service isn’t higher on the list is because they can serve so few people.

But out of all the ones that ship cannabis, they are the best cannabis subscription box.

Based out of California, they only ship their cannabis boxes within their state. But, they do offer CBD boxes and other bundles you can buy on their shop that will ship worldwide.

If you do live in California, however, you have access to a box service that for $97 a month will send you cannabis, wax, edibles, music and cannabis-themed merchandise.

A service like this allows you to taste test a few different new strains every month, and with over 700,000 strains and counting there are plenty to try.

Every box you’ll get $200 worth of value, but the service is invitation only currently. You can apply to get on the waitlist or, if you know someone currently a member, they can invite you.


  • Taste test different strains of cannabis each month
  • Filled with edibles and wax too


  • Cannabis boxes are only available in California (Not their fault!)
  • Higher ticket items and a waitlist to join the service

I’ll just start with this. The AuBox is not for everyone.  So, who is it for? It’s for those looking for the most classy box you can find.

Offering a wide range of boxes you won’t find other services offering like edible boxes, intimate boxes and a night and day box that gives you sativa for the day and indica as a nice nightcap.

Because these boxes will supply you with cannabis, they don’t ship outside of California. AuBox knows their target market and they hit it well. It’s not a box that gives you a bunch of incense and fruity joint papers.

Instead, you can expect oil pens, gold kush cake pops or gold cones.

Calling themselves the world's first luxury cannabis delivery service, they cater to the upper echelon of society—their boxes start at around $150 month to month and around $99 on a 12 month plan.

Not only cannabis smoker fit the couch potato mold society likes to make us out to be. High performers in their fields turn to cannabis too for both medicinal and recreational use. If this sound like you, The Aubox is for you.


  • One of the few luxury cannabis delivery services
  • Awesome boxes that are perfect for their target market
  • So much gold
  • Awesome product selection in their store including 24k gold grinders and lighter cases


  • Only ships their cannabis boxes within California (Not their fault!)
  • Not for everyone, prices like the luxurious box that it is


While we looked at the top ten weed subscription boxes, there are always new ones popping up. If any new ones catch our attention, we’ll be sure to check them out and let you know what we think about them!

Make sure to pick a box based on what you want and need. Don’t pay for more than you need, but don’t go cheap just not to be impressed with what you get!

And, if you live in a legal state, you might want to try one of the boxes that provide you with new strains to taste every month.

Have you tried any of these services? Or any that we didn’t mention here? If so, let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Instagram!

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