What Does 710 Mean? 710 Dabs Definition

In the world of stoners, there is no day as important as April 20th.

But, recently a new day is making the rounds in weed-loving circles.

July 10th has turned into the new marijuana centered holiday you never knew you needed.

710 is the new 420, at least if you love dabs.

So, what does 710 mean? Well, keep reading to find out.

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What Does 710 Mean & Why July 10th?

Let's break it down into the simplest possible terms.

July 10th is 07/10 in the numerical representation of the date.

Simplified one step further, July 10th can be written as 710.

Now, take your computer screen and flip it upside down.

What does the 710 turn into?

It should say OIL in capital letters.

So July 10th was only chosen by stoners loving to dab oil because in a roundabout way it spells out the word oil.

710 = OIL, it’s not that complicated.

Why is 710 the New 420 for Dabbers?

Dab enthusiasts feel a bit left out on 420.

Dabbing is a relatively new trend in potent weed consumption, and its often forgotten about on April 20th.

April 20th is all about big joints, monster blunts and hitting the glass pipe.

The culture is all tie die, and edibles followed up by a Tommy Chong appearance.

But what about the new wave of technologically advanced dabbers?

Dabbers have now claimed July 10th as a day to celebrate the culture of dabbing, dab rigs, and concentrates.

When 710 rolls around, be prepared to get baked from oil, shatter and wax.

But Wait, What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is the action of taking a ‘dab’ (or a small ball of thick concentrate) and hitting it on to a preheated dab rig.

There are many moving parts to dabbing, including the dab rig, the cap, the nail, and the blowtorch.

The concentrates come in a variety of formats, including oil, honey, budder, wax and shatters.

Each with their own unique consistencies and characteristics.

They are all extremely potent, typically tipping the scale above 50% THC.

Some can even hit 90 percent THC.

They are not for the faint of heart or the novice smoker.

The Birth of Dabbing Culture

Cannabis concentrates have been around since at least WWII, but dabbing really only became popular over the last two decades.

In 2005, someone going by the name of the Budderking (from Canada), discussed his love affair of a new type of cannabis oil with Cannabis Culture Magazine.

He called his new creation budder; a hash oil created using various types of solvents and extraction methods.

According to the interview, Budderking and his colleagues quickly started marketing the product and developed the original precursor to the dab rigs we know and love today.

The Rise of Dabbing Culture

Just as quickly as budder caught on, other brands began experimenting with concentrates at a pace never seen before.

Shatters, waxes, honey and other potently sticky concoctions started popping up everywhere.

Soon, dab rigs evolved from the most basic methods of heating nails to eye-popping artistic creations costing thousands of dollars.

Within a decade, dabbing culture has spread out from Canada down the West Coast of the U.S, and onto the world.

Now there are dab specific stores, catering to the tools, products and lifestyles of dab culture.

And just like there are many dispensaries named after 420, today, there are just as many dab stores with names playing on 710.

When Did 710 Become a Stoner Holiday?

Like many aspects of stoner culture, the history behind 7/10 is lost in the mist of time.

Or rather, the smoke from a big bong rip.

Clearly, it is still a relatively new holiday, because dab culture is also so new.

According to some sources, Weedmaps launched an infographic exploring dabbing and the  710-OIL relationship in 2013.

Based on this tentative evidence the international dabbing holiday is likely only a few years old.

It’s time to grab your dab rig, a big ball of shatter, and celebrate this coming July 10th.

Popular Events Around the World Celebrating 710

710 dabbing day is starting to build a following around the world.

As an example, there are dabbing celebrations held in cities across the US on July 10th.

Check out a pot-loving city near you, including popular events and tours in Denver, Colorado and Portland, Oregon.

There is also a new event started out of Toronto, Canada called The 710 Cup, with the most recent event held in Arizona.

It’s an event focused on crowning the best concentrates and focusing on issues concerning the dabbing community.

How Should You Celebrate 7/10?

If you haven’t already, you need to purchase an extra special oil to celebrate this extra special day.

Perhaps look for a strain, flavor or potency you haven’t tried yet, or maybe a new brand.

Gather around a group of friends, lay out the munchies, and get to celebrating.

710 OIL day is all about dab culture, and lifestyle, therefore you should fill your day in the company others who love the culture just as much as you do.

Also, check out your local dispensary—they may be having a community event or a product sale to ring in the big day.

Soon, the fuss about July 10th may prove just as big as for April 20th.

The Future of July 10th, and Dabbing Culture

As the marijuana industry becomes more refined, and professional, it’s much easier for companies to experiment with concentrations.

In the future, dabbing culture is likely to grow exponentially, as new, clean, and delicious oils are released to the market.

The focus is shifting away from high THC potencies and into the lesser known cannabinoids and terpenes profiles.

July 10th may become a day to celebrate much more than just getting baked with a dab, and it could become a day to celebrate the innovations in dabbing and high-quality oils.

Dabbing on 710 could turn into something like a celebration of wine culture.


What does 710 mean?

In short, it's OIL flipped on its head!

A pretty clever way to celebrate the new uprising of cannabis concentrates.

Just like April 20th and 420, July 10th has become the second cannabis holiday giving cannabis consumers yet another reason to celebrate!

Have you ever celebrated 7/10? If so, tell us all about it in the comments below!

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