What is Shake Weed & The Best Way to Smoke Shake

Have you heard the term shake before, but always wondered, "What is shake weed?"

Well, imagine you have a baggy of dry weed in your pocket.

What's this bag look like at the end of the day when you pulled it out?

For the most part, the bud would still be intact.

However, you will notice that there are little pieces of bud at the bottom of the bag.

That's shake. 

Let’s look at shake and how to use it.


What is Shake Weed?

Whether it falls off bud through transport or it’s leftover flakes from breaking up cannabis in your best weed grinder, shake happens as naturally as a petal falling off a flower.  

Whereas the petal signifies the death of the flower, shake represents new life for marijuana.

These “leftovers” can be used by cannabis consumers in a variety of ways.

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The Second Life of Shake

Selling shake makes marijuana a uniquely sustainable industry.

Think of a florist shop.

The prettiest of roses have their thorns cut off and thrown into the garbage.

However, even the ugliest of buds get a second life with shake.

That’s because there is still THC present.

Shake constitutes anything that use to be a part of a whole bud.

From THC-heavy trichomes that flake off a fresh flower to the unwanted plant matter like stems that hold the bud together.

All of these factors combined make shake.

Buying Shake vs. Buying a Flower

You wouldn’t buy discarded rose thorns at a florist shop, but you can buy all the fallen trichomes from a dispensary.

Since shake is seen as the leftovers of the whole bud, it's sold at a discounted rate in compared to flower.

To many, buying shake is a no-brainer.

Seeing as you're most likely going to be grinding your cannabis, the dirty work is already done.

Shake in Pre-Rolls

Talking about doing the dirty work for you, shake is also used in dispensaries for pre-rolled joints.

This is a cost-effective way to use every last bit of cannabis.

However, mixing up shake in a pre-roll can impact your high.

Typically, there isn’t enough shake from one type of bud to fulfill a joint.

Therefore, a few different products may be mixed in together.

The Dangers of Mixing Shake in Pre-Rolls

Think of pre-rolls as the hot dogs of cannabis.

All the leftovers are thrown together to make something that is delicious to some and disgusting to others.

For some, rolling multiple strains together can make for a better high.

While for others, it may do anything from compromise taste to giver the user a headache.

These unfavorable effects are especially likely when one batch of shake has been oxidizing longer than the others included in the mix.

Why Pre-Rolls and Medical Marijuana May Not Mix

Pre-rolls may not be the most effective form of therapy for those who use cannabis medicinally.

With medical marijuana, you want a strain specifically formulated to target the ailment that you wish to make better.

Therefore, smoking a mixed bag of shake may not give your body the needed effect.

Not all pre-rolls are made of shake, nor are they all made from mixing shake of different strains.

Before purchasing a pre-roll, ask the budtender if the joint is made from shake.

If so, double check if the shake is from multiple strains or one.

When you're buying a pre-roll for specific medical needs, be sure to let your budtender know so that they can suggest the right pre-roll for you.

Can Shake Be Less Potent?

While buying shake may be more convenient, many question whether shake is less potent than flower.

After all, think of when you buy pre-sliced fruits and veggies from the grocery store.

Their expiration date usually comes before the expiration date of the same fruit or vegetable in the whole form.

That's because the minute you cut into food, it begins to oxidize.

This process causes the produce to lose nutrients, freshness and flavor.

Like grocery store produce, cannabis is a living thing.

Therefore, when it's separated from its whole state, the product may become compromised.

This is another reason why shake may be priced cheaper than bud.

How to Use Shake in the Kitchen

Shake is a great tool for making edibles.

Use your leftovers to make cannabutter.

Cannabutter is the main component in almost every edible.

However, before you start pouring your weed into a mixer with butter, you need to activate the THC within the plant.

Getting Your Shake Ready for Baking

First, you want to decarboxylate your shake.

When you decarboxylate your shake, the oils that are housed within begin to excrete.

These oils are what contain THC.

Place the shake in a single layer on a baking sheet and place it in the oven at 220°F for 30 to 40 minutes.

If your bud is a bit older or already pretty dry, you may only need up to 20 minutes.

Just make sure that the oven never reaches 300 degrees.

It is at this point that THC begins to burn, rendering your shake useless.

Making Cannabutter with Shake

Mix one cup of water with one cup of butter into a medium saucepan.

Simmer the concoction on low, allowing the butter to melt.

As the butter shows signs of melting, slowly mix in your decarboxylated shake.

Remember, we don’t want to kill the THC so be sure to keep the temp low.

If you need to, check throughout the process with a thermometer to ensure you don’t surpass 200°F.

Continue to simmer this mixture for 2 to 3 hours.

Be sure to stir throughout the process so that the cannabutter never reaches a boil.

How to Strain Cannabutter

When you're biting into a brownie, you don’t want a mouth full of seeds and stems.

So, you're going to need to strain your cannabutter before cooking with it.

Line a jar with cheesecloth.

Place a funnel on top of the opening.

Once the butter is no longer too hot to handle, pour the mixture into the funnel situated on the cheesecloth.

Allow the mixture to strain freely as pushing the cannabutter through the cheesecloth may result in more plant matter funneling through the barrier.

Once you are done, use the cannabutter like regular butter in any of your favorite edibles from cookies to brownies.

Refrigerate any remaining cannabutter to maintain freshness.


So what is shake weed?

Shake is what's left over at the bottom of the bag.

All the little pieces of bud that just couldn't quite hang on to the big buds.

It's still loaded with THC and can be smoke, vaped or made into edibles.

Have you ever bought shake?

Do you think the loss in quality makes up for the savings in price?

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