What to do With Weed Trimmings: 5 Ways to Make use of Your Trim

Most growers disregard their cannabis trimmings.

But the smart ones think: Hmmm, what can I do with weed trimmings?

They’ve been led to believe that these leaves, sometimes referred to as “sugar leaves,” or “fan leaves” serve no purpose for the marijuana enthusiast.


More on Trim Leaves

During the growing process, what becomes trim leaves are known as fan leaves, and they play an integral role in the growing process.

Fan leaves are an indicator of plant health and can help you know when your plant is lacking essential elements such as light, water or nutrients.

At harvest, however, the trimmer is more concerned with the bud.

When trimming you take great care to remove the fan leaves through careful pruning.

So, should your trim just get tossed away?

The Benefits of Your Trim

It’s true; you can’t get any benefit from smoking your trim leaves.

The trimmings do not contain a high enough level of THC to get you high while smoking.

Smoking your trim will only result in a stinky, harsh smoke.

Despite this, there is a lot of hope for your trim!

Your marijuana trim still contains the valuable cannabidiols (CBDs), which can be put to many practical uses.

Using other methods, you can also activate some of the psychoactive properties within your trim.

So, your hopes of  getting high on your trim isn’t for nothing!

The Role of Decarboxylation

In a couple of the examples shared below on what you can do with your trim after harvest, will require your trim to go through the decarboxylation process.

Decarboxylation is a process that involves heating up your plant so that the CBDs are activated.

Also, the properties of the plant become enhanced.

Without heat, the process must be done manually by the grower using particular techniques that involve heating the plant.


What to do With Weed Trimmings: 5 Ideas

Here are some solid ideas on what you can do with your trimmings after harvest:

  • Make Cannabutter

Cannabutter (cannabis-infused butter) is one of the most common ways to make edibles.

It can be made from your trimmings so that you can enjoy the benefits of the CBDs in your snacks and meals.

Making cannabutter is a long process, that requires the attention and careful skill of the cook.

This YouTube video, provided by GrowGreenerGuru shows how you can take sugar leaves and make different kinds of cannabutter:

This video demonstrates the difference between cannabutter where the plant has been decarboxylated vs. plant that has gone through this process.

When done correctly and at the proper heat levels, the resulting cannabutter can be potent in CBDs and many cases, THC.

Cannabutter can be used to both cook and bake with.

Many use cannabutter as butter and oil substitute in some of their favorite cooking and baked good recipes.

  • Take Your Tea Time

The trimmings from your plant after harvest can also be used to make some teas that will allow you to enjoy the dietary benefits of cannabis.

The levels of psycho-activity produced through teas has been debated.

And this method of using marijuana isn’t the most effective if you want to get a buzz

Still, don't discount using the trim of your plant for cannabis teas, as you’ll still get the CBD benefits.

Remember, decarboxylation may help you release the psychoactive properties of your trim.

So, this will have to be undertaken if you hope for a tea-high.

  • Put it on Your Skin

Using cannabis in topical ointments or salves has been shown to be very beneficial for skin health.

The CBDs that exist in your trim (without decarboxylation) have antioxidant properties.

This leads many to use cannabis creams for their anti-aging properties.

Also, many use topical cannabis products such as ointments to relieve joint pain and muscle aches.

The grower interested in making the most of their cannabis trim may be interested in making their topical creams and ointments at home.

  • Juice It

The leaves of the cannabis plant are a significant source of protein.

It's also lauded for its high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

If you throw some non-decarboxylated cannabis leaves into your juicer or you’re your blended smoothie, you can expect to enjoy not only the nutritional benefits of the plant but also the CBDs.

Nutritionists have pointed to the benefits of raw cannabis juicing and cannabis-infused smoothies as being incredibly useful in the treatment of many chronic illnesses.

  • Concentrate It

The trimmings from your harvest, when left to the skill of the cook, can be used to make concentrates such as wax and hash.

Making concentrates requires a significant amount of trim to get any effectiveness.

Since you’re not using the bud in this process, your resulting product may not get you super high but will be sufficient to get a nice buzz.

Some people choose to make butane hash oil (BHO), which is an effective way to extract the good stuff from your plant.

It can be a dangerous process, though.

Alternatively, making hash will allow you to separate the trichomes from the parts that are less useful.

Before making any kinds of concentrates, it’s best to become extremely educated on the how-to!

Don’t Let It Go to Waste

The above examples are just a few ways that you can make the most from what you harvest.

What to do with weed trimmings doesn't have to be a hard decision.

Be creative with your cannabis trim and try new things!

Don’t always be so quick to go to the options that will ensure you can extract a high from your trim.

Explore some of the methods that capitalize on the non-psychoactive properties of cannabis.

You just may find a new-found appreciation for the wider benefits of the marijuana plant!

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