Where to Buy Blunt Wraps: Online, Offline and Near Me

Finding the perfect blunt wrap for your rolling experience takes a few trials and errors before getting it right.

Some are too small, some are too thin, too thick...but finally, you’ll find the brand that is just right.

It all comes down to what you consider to be the perfect blunt, and if you roll them from scratch or prefer to start off with a pre-rolled product.

As you've likely figured out, everyone has a very personal style when it comes to smoking marijuana, which is why there’s such a diverse market for different types of blunt wraps.

Where to Buy Blunt Wraps Online

The first place you should look when buying blunt wraps online is of course Amazon.

Not only do you find the best deals, but sometimes the best selection.

Looking for style points during your next smoke sesh?

Why not order a few packs of the $100 Bill Premium Rolling Papers?

Or let’s not forget about the 24 karat gold papers, they are sure to impress.

For the more traditional smokers out there, there are also options.

Many companies offer naturally flavored blunt wrappers, tightly rolled around a cigar.

But you can also find bulk packs of pre-rolled cones, capable of fitting one to two grams of weed per cone, like the famous RAW variety.

Pick your poison; you’ve got more than one option when you shop online.

Don’t Forget Your Blunt Splitter

For the more traditionally minded folks, shopping online for blunt papers, there is one very important item you cannot forget.

Some papers don’t come in a flat pack.

Instead, they are tightened and sealed around a pre-rolled cigar.

To use the blunt paper, you’ll first need to break it open carefully.

It requires finesse, careful maneuvering and a bit of patience.

Or, it requires a Blunt Splitter.

There are tiny plastic tubes with a tiny razor blade on the inside edge.

They are the perfect size to throw a cigar through, and they cut a perfect incision down the wrapper.

Plus, a blunt splitter attaches to a keychain.

Where to Buy Blunt Wraps

Where to Buy Blunt Wraps In Real Life

If you prefer just to hit the streets in a quest to find the perfect rolling papers, they are available in more places than you might first think.

Do you live in a legalized state?

If so, you have the most in-person blunt purchasing options because everyone everywhere is selling weed.

Even the classiest dispensaries will have blunt wrappers for sale.

If not, they will hopefully have pre-rolled blunts for sale.

Even if you live in a non-recreational state, there should be a few smoke shops around selling all things weed related, but not the weed itself.

They should have bongs, pipes, weed clothing lines, and, of course, dozens of rolling papers to choose from.

Outside of the Conventional Marijuana Shops

No dispensary or head-shop nearby? Don’t worry.

You might still be able to source your blunt papers locally.

Check out the nearby corner store, cigar store, or worse case scenario a liquor store.

These types of establishments tend to cater to the same kinds of customers, which means they usually stock a few smokable items beyond their usual product lineup.

What is a Blunt?

The difference between a blunt, a spliff, and a joint comes down to regional language differences.

What one area of the world calls a blunt, could easily be called a joint in another.

For example, in Europe, a spliff is used to describe a 100 percent marijuana cigarette, but in North America, a spliff tends to reference a mixture of marijuana and tobacco.

In most circumstances, however, a blunt describes something much different than either a spliff or a joint.

Blunts are hefty, they use more robust rolling papers, and they contain much more weed.

Its safe to assume that a quality blunt will contain over a gram of cannabis, perhaps, even more, depending on the craftsman to roll it.

What’s the Difference Between Blunt Wraps and Rolling Papers?

Rolling papers are essentially just cigarette rolling papers repurposed for weed.

Yes, some come printed with fun illustrations, and some come with fun flavors like grape, orange, and chocolate, but at the end of the day, a standard rolling paper is still relatively small.

For the inexperienced joint roller, conventional papers tear very easily, because they are so delicate.

A cigarette rolling paper requires a light touch, and generally can’t hold that much weed.

Blunt papers, on the other hand, are big, bold and juicy.

Blunt papers are larger than their rolling paper cousins, and they take a lot more beating during the rolling process.

While they often come flavored, their natural flavor is of sweet tobacco.


Because a quality blunt paper should be made out of tobacco leaves.

Where to Buy Blunt Wraps

Hiding a Blunt Wrapper In a Cigar

Not all blunt papers are created equal; there is a wide variation from one brand to the next and one style to the next.

The format might even change depending on your local laws.

In some places, it's illegal to market flavored rolling papers, or even just blunt wrappers.

Because of these local regulations, you might not be able to find a pack of grape flavor blunt wraps.

But that hasn’t stopped creative companies from getting around that rule.

Instead, companies sell pre-rolled cigars, wrapped in not one but two rolling papers.

That way, customers can dump out the tobacco and roll two perfectly flavorful blunts wrapped in a rich tobacco leaf paper.

The Conventional Blunt Wrapper

If you don’t happen to live in a region with strict regulation of tobacco products than you’re in luck.

You have many more options when it comes down to blunt wrappers.

Most excitingly, you can buy them in any flavor under the sun: peanut butter and jelly, root beer, and even chicken and waffles.

Yes, chicken and waffles is a real type of blunt rolling paper available online.

You can also buy them in a pack.

Usually, between 20 to 40 wrappers come stacked in a small dispenser, making them easy to manage.

These packed blunt papers are not as thick as the cigar papers; they also tend to be a bit more processed.

The Blunt Cone

Depending on who is doing the rolling, a blunt might not always come out in a perfect cylindrical shape.

Instead, a blunt might turn out in the classical cone shape.

Cone-shaped blunts come with many nicknames, like a bat, coner or a bluny.

These cone-shaped blunts are appealing to smoke, and a little easier to roll.

You can learn to roll them yourself, or in many cases simply purchase pre-rolled blunt papers online.

The pre-rolled option is perfect for the newbie roller, as they come in packs with filters already applied.

Just stuff, lick and enjoy.

How to Roll a Blunt

We’ve come this far, and still, you might need to know how to roll a blunt.

It’s nothing to be ashamed about; it takes time, practice and patience to perfect the craft.

Ask any one of your friends who roll a perfect blunt every time; they didn’t get there on their first try.

It might take years of practice, or at least a lot of weed smoking.

The best way to learn how to roll the perfect blunt is to learn from a friend.

Seeing it in person can really break it down for you step-by-step, in a clear and visual way.

Failing that, you can always learn from a helpful video—it's nearly as good of a teacher.

The Step-by-Step Guide To Rolling Blunts

If your friend's instructions are rubbish, and the video didn’t quite do it, here is a step by step guide to rolling a perfect blunt.

  • Grind up one to two grams of weed, and put it on a small piece of cardboard, roughly the length of your wrapper.

  • Un-wrap the blunt paper from the package.

  • Moisten the top edge of the paper.

  • Hold the paper in one hand, wrapping the paper around your pointer finder to create a trough.

  • Carefully transfer the weed from the cardboard into the paper through, it should dump in nicely.

  • Spread out the weed evenly either by rolling gently or with a finger.

  • Place the filter at one end.

  • Lick the upper edge again.

  • Slowly, starting at the filter end, roll the bottom edge around the weed, and tuck it around the back of the product, the upper side should still be pointing upwards.

  • Once successfully tucked under, roll the tube upwards and seal with the licked edge.

  • Light it up.

  • Smoke it.


If you’re trying to celebrate something with friends, you’re going to need a blunt!

The amount of blunt wrap flavors are endless, so you’re bound to find on you love.

Remember, you can get them pre-rolled if you live in a legal state.

But if not, rolling blunts is a essential skill that’s easy to pick up.

When it comes to where to buy blunt wraps, you can get them both online and offline.

Where do you prefer to pick them up?

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